Friday, May 20, 2016

High school graduation 2016

Tonight was high school graduation, the last one I will attend as a staff member. I thought I might be a little teary at this one, but I wasn't. It was great to see another group of students graduate, knowing that I met most of them when they were five years old. Congratulations class of 2016!

I asked another teacher to take a picture of daughter Carol and me in our master's gowns and hoods. Carol completed her master's degree in history last year. I completed my master's degree in education 13 years ago.

Since neither one of us could see our own back view, I had Katie take a picture of that as well!

I did achieve my goal of completing a Spinning Wheel glass mat by Friday! In case you didn't know, this is my favorite pattern from Tatting with Visual Patterns by Mary Konior.

The thread is size 20 Fiore, manufactured in Slovakia. It's slightly heavier than size 20 Lizbeth. The thread has a nice firm finish, but it's not my favorite. The thread would twist up on me, so I had to drop my shuttle about every four double stitches to let it untwist. I also had to be careful closing rings. Closing it too swiftly caused the thread to twist up, making it difficult to close the ring.

Even though it's not my favorite thread, I would buy it in other colors if I could find it. I purchased this from DS9 Designs. There are only three balls left, one pink and two yellow. I may have to write to my son-in-law's father to see if he can find it other colors for me! ;-)

I did a little experimenting with picots for this Spinning Wheel. I've had this set of picot gauges for years. I like them because of the ring that holds them together... very convenient! I usually use the smallest size for my Spinning Wheel glass mats, but this time I decided to go up one size. I was pleased that the Spinning Wheel worked up a little flatter than normal. I think I might try going up one more size on my next one to see if that makes an even greater difference.

Some new threads arrived in the mail today, Lilac Sea hand-dyed thread from my friend Marilee aka Yarnplayer. I love this color combination!

Now the big question is, should I experiment with picots with this beautiful new hand-dyed thread, or should I use one that I have in greater quantity? 


  1. What a legacy you and your daughter are leaving for your family!!! :)
    Love the glass mat!! :)
    I am tatting my next Christmas present in the Lilac Sea HDT, so if you want an idea of how it tats up you can go to my profile and then to my Christmas Secrets blog to see it. ;)

  2. You look great all gowned up! Lilac sea is very pretty. I'd love to see how it looks tatted.

  3. Great photo of you and your daughter! I don't think the picot experiments will mess up your spinningwheel, so use the Lilac Sea. The pink one is pretty. Sounds as though the thread is a bit overtwisted, bit of a pain to work with. but the result is good.

  4. Are you sure you're not sisters? That's a lovely colour - the new thread. Plenty of Spinning Wheels can be made from that!!!

  5. Felicidades por la hermosa fiesta y por tu hermoso trabajo.Besos.

  6. Such a beautiful picture ! I can't believe you'll be retiring this year - are you taking an early retirement ?!

  7. First, I was surprised the high school graduation was so 'soon'. (They tend to be in June around here.) Second, great photo of you and your daughter! Wonderful sharing of experiences in education. And I'm sure those students will always remember you!

    Interesting study of the Fiore thread. I don't think I'd have the patience to untwist so often, but the color is lovely. It seems it's not being manufactured anymore?

    Also an informative study about picots. That's an amazing picot gauge! I didn't realize the mats don't always lie flat initially. You're definitely an expert on this pattern!

  8. You and your daughter are beautiful and very accomplished in your Master's of education. Hugs...


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