Thursday, May 5, 2016

I really need to stop!

...but I can't seem to help myself!

I found this beautiful silver shuttle on Etsy. I don't think I've ever seen a silver shuttle on Etsy before. I enjoyed not having to bid and hope that no one outbid me!

I found three more beauties from Shuttle By Design that I just had to have.

I did manage to get a little done on my Concentric Rectangles doily today.

Although I didn't get much accomplished on the tatting front, I did manage to complete quite a few mermaid scale necklaces. I only have 15 left to make, and then I'll be able to concentrate on the mermaid tail afghan!


  1. I love the shuttles and concentric rectangles too, I too have been most fascinated with the mermaid tail afghans they look so fun :)

  2. I checked out the mermaid tail afghans and they look so adorable! I know my granddaughter would love to have one...........Gorgeous shuttles you've acquired.

  3. Wow! Like some of the rich women on tv who have a room just for shoes, you will need a room just for your shuttles!!! :) They are all so beautiful!!! :)
    At least you are making progress on your doily!! And it continues to look great!!! :)

  4. Don't stop! I love seeing your new shuttles.

  5. Gorgeous shuttle,
    Your mat is looking good so far.
    I think your retirement pot will be getting less with the shuttle buying

  6. The silver shuttle is so elegant! The others are mighty fine, also :-) I love seeing all the shuttles you have. Drool a little, too.

  7. I like your work, and your shuttles. I also bought the same bird and flower shuttles you got, before I saw this post. And am obsessed with the Glass Mat pattern too. Have made a larger one, doubling the pattern.

    1. Aren't the shuttles wonderful? I really don't mind keeping a crochet hook at hand. I haven't tried making the glass mat in a larger size yet, but I think I will some day.


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