Saturday, June 4, 2016

Ready for the tail

8:45 p.m. and I just finished the main part of the mermaid tail afghan! All that's left to crochet is the tail, and I should be able to complete that and sew it on tomorrow. :-)

I pulled another skein of HDT (hand-dyed thread) from my stash for my next Spinning Wheel glass mat (Tatting with Visual Patterns by Mary Konior. This is size 20 Raspberry Ripple with Real Vanilla by Tatskool.

I guess I  need to check my blog feed. Every once in a while I come across a blog that I used to read regularly, and I see that the person has posted and I never received notification. That happened with Tatskool's blog. I've now re-added her to my blog feed, and I can happily keep up with what's happening across the sea!


  1. I'm having trouble with some blogs showing up on my blog list immediately --they show up 7-9 hours later :-( Yours, Eliz's, God's Kid's, are some such. So now I keep scrolling down repeatedly to see one surface suddenly after such a delay .
    Great progress on the afghan !

  2. Apart from being behind with commenting, my blog feed goes backwards and shows old posts as being only a few hours old, anyway another gorgeous spinning wheel in the making,
    Trying to keep up with you across the pond.

  3. Diane, how much yardage do you wind on your shuttles when you set up to tat your spinning wheel mats?
    katie at r-v-r dot com

    1. Katie, I hope you see this. The email wouldn't go through. I try to wind 15 yards on each shuttle. I usually have some thread left on each shuttle, but sometimes I run a little short and have to add on.

    2. Thanks, Diane! You've tempted me to make a spinning mat!

  4. I like the colours of the mermaid's tail and the new mat.

  5. Oh, thanks. Didn't realise that Tat'skool was back in bogland. I'd taken that blog off my reading list! Mermaid tail will be eagerly awaited.

  6. How wonderful to be so close to the tail end! Another lovely Spinning Wheel mat in the works. It will look good in that colorway. I've been noticing some strange things with the blogs showing up but I thought that was just because of the move from Blogger to Word Press. I'll have to do a better job of checking for updates.


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