Sunday, July 24, 2016

Moving on to round 3

The heat and humidity are stifling, and I know we're not the only ones feeling it. Luckily, we're expecting a cool-down tomorrow. Yup, there's supposed to be a 3° drop in temperature. I'll take it!

We had a few rows of corn ready today, so Dave and I canned 16 pints and froze 3 quarts. I prefer frozen corn to canned, so now I have Dave researching freezers. I'm not sure if we'll get one, but it's fun looking.

Napkin mini-beauty by Renulek
size 20 Lizbeth, Pineapple Parfait

It was nice to sit down and tat while the pressure cooker was doing its thing. Also, since it's so muggy, Dave and I both spent a lot of time just sitting and relaxing. Isn't that what Sunday afternoons are all about?


  1. A freezer is a marvelous beast! Freezing is easier than canning and preserves food well. Your mini napkin is so pretty.

  2. It is HOT in so many places and I do hope if you get a freezer you don't climb in it. Maybe just stand in front with the door open. Lovely variegated yellow doily.

  3. Looking lovely,
    We have a freezer would not live without, and in this heat we had last week, cold water and ice readily available. We are able to freeze anything as we do a fortnight shop the freezer comes into its own. I really would be lost without it.
    It's cooler today and could get cooler as the week goes one,

  4. That is looking so pretty!!! :)

  5. Love the Napkin. You are east of Iowa so it is a little cooler here and not as humidity is not as bad. So you should be getting what we had tomorrow. Lets hope it cool off some.


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