Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Internet down... again

I don't know if it was because of the heavy rains on Monday, or if it was just a fluke, but our Internet was down for about 17 hours. It's funny how much the Internet has become a part of our lives!

I needed to exercise my wrist in a different way. Maybe I've been putting in too much time tatting at one sitting. So between yesterday and today, I only tatted one more butterfly.

This morning I went to school to help Kristine set up the computers for the coming school year. I hope she enjoys being the school librarian as much as I did!

In order to exercise my wrists differently, I started a new dishcloth. Mine are getting kind of old and grungy looking, except for one that daughter Alison made for me. I managed to hit a sale at Hobby Lobby, and I chose some fresh new colors for my kitchen!

Suz, is this the display case you had in mind?  ;-)


  1. Beautiful frangipani shuttle !
    Yes, the net - can't live without it ;-P

  2. very beautiful and nice color. Don't forget to stretch your hand out it really helps, there are great You tube directions to check out :)

  3. OOooh, I love that colour for your dishcloth! And, yes, that sort of display case, but much larger to hold all your shuttles! ;-D lol!

  4. Going to be a pretty dishcloth. I can't imagine how I lived without electricity or internet! I hope your wrists recover pronto.

  5. Great colors in that new dishcloth!!! :)


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