Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Lovin' the Charcoal Med

I really like this shade of gray, or should I say charcoal?

My little girls finished their pin cushions today, and true to form, I forgot to take pictures. :-(

However, I did remember to take pictures of the pin cushions I completed today...

I have 18 completed, and I plan on taking them to a craft show this weekend. It's been years since I've tried selling at a craft show. I've never had much luck. If these pin cushions and my scarves don't sell, I think I may be all set for Christmas!


  1. Lovely mat and cushions. Have fun at the Craft Show.

  2. Silver? Very pretty. It'll be fun to go to a craft fair, I hope you have some sales as well as the interesting conversations you're bound to have.

  3. Good luck! I think craft show are about luck and timing. And I don't think it's the crafter's timing but rather the buyer's. The pin cushions are wonderful. Will you take any of your spinning wheels?

  4. I think those pin cushions will fly off the table, they're so cute! Have fun at the sale.

  5. Looks like you sure have been busy for someone who retired!! :)
    Everything looks fantastic!!! :)

  6. Did the kids like their finished pin cushions? I like yours. Good luck this weekend - have fun!


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