Monday, September 19, 2016

Pin cushion passion

No, I haven't given up tatting. In fact, I was able to accomplish quite a bit today.

I would have finished, but my Internet was down for about seven hours, and I foolishly kept trying to fix the problem. About 7:30 tonight, it magically came back on. I guess I should have ignored the outage.

It was easier to work on pin cushions than tatting while fiddling with connections.

As a result, I've finished six more pin cushions. My little girls are coming for their sewing lesson tomorrow. I'll try to remember to take a picture of their pin cushions!


  1. Ack, it's so frustrating when you spend time like that and then later realize it asn't fixable at all! These pin cushions are great! I love the gentle blue one with the yellow center. Looks like a flower!

  2. Great going on your glass mat!! :)
    Wow!!! Such fun color combinations on those pin cushions!!! :)

  3. Frustrating electronics...glad to hear all is well again. Love the grey Spinning Wheel. Wonderful pincushions and how lucky to have your students learn to make them.

  4. Cute pin cushions! I like the colorful one with the orange button. Those little girls are lucky to have sewing lessons with you!

  5. The digital world is a time guzzler- whether working or not !
    Love the grey shade !!!
    And the pin cushions are cute & elegant - your fabric choices & combos are superb !
    Haven't been able to comment regularly, but am following all your progress :-)


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