Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Another hot day!

The air conditioning kicked in extra early this morning... 7:30! Luckily, thunderstorms rolled in late afternoon and it cooled of significantly.

I finished another Baltic band pattern last night. Part of the fun in weaving these bands is seeing what pattern emerges on the reverse side. I do love the red, white, and blue... perfect for Flag Day!

Sophia was very excited about this Ice Drop! She really liked the way the sparkly edge of the thread picked up the blue in the glass gem.

While the twins were napping this morning, Sophia helped me warp my loom. She loves drawing the thread down to the peg and slipping it in to place, and I love having her help!


  1. I am thoroughly enjoying your posts and Sophia is adorable !
    The back of a handloom fabric always interests me - I always turn the saree to see how the weaving looks from the back;-D
    Incidentally it also tells you whether the fabric is woven on a handloom or a mechanised loom.

    1. I love looking at all sorts of handwork. Isn't it fun to imagine the love that went in to every piece?

  2. You always have our attention with the different projects and family involved :)

  3. Muskaan's comment makes me think of Mary Corbet's recent remark that wanting to look at the back (of embroidery) is like wanting to check out someone's underwear! Your underwear looks very neat, so that's no problem. Wonderful to have Sophie as assistant!

  4. Looks like fabulous finished items!!! :)
    What a fabulous helper you have!! :)

  5. Lovely band, and your great helper, there's lots of memory's being made this visit for you to treasure for years to come and look back on.
    I can see she's going to take after you and become a crafter

  6. Just here to say congratulations on your ten years of blogging! I'm far far away, no need to send me anything, I love your blog even if I often don't comment. Happy birthday!


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