Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Time to catch up

I don't think I've every gone so long without blogging! The past week has been extremely busy.

Saturday, Joanne started to come down with the bug the kids had last week. On Sunday I fought off a sinus headache. Monday, Joanne and I were both feeling better, so we went shopping for a few things to update my summer wardrobe.

Tuesday, Dave and I drove to Minnesota to attend our granddaughter Lily's 6th grade recognition. Today, Wednesday, we drove home. Whew! Needless to say, I didn't find time to post anything.

I'm still tatting with Rainbow Splash, mainly because Sophia loves the color. 😍

I've been working on another band. This one is a Baltic band from The Weaver's Inkle Pattern Directory by Anne Dixon. I love the red and white!

These are the only two things I managed to work on over the weekend.

Lily's 6th grade recognition was very nice! The 6th grade band and orchestra performed; the 6th grade choir sang; several of the 6th graders recapped the highlights of their school year. Cake and punch were served after the program, and there was a display in the small gym of some of their projects. It was all very impressive!

Unfortunately, we hit morning rush hour traffic on the way up, which meant that our drive took much longer than usual... 10 hours!

Lucky us, we hit evening rush hour traffic on the way back, giving us another 10 hour trip.

I don't think this has ever happened to us before!

The up side to these long drives, was that I had plenty of time to tat Ice Drops!

When we returned home this evening, I added the ribbons.

Joanne and the kids are visiting Auntie Carol and will be home tomorrow.

I can hardly wait to show Sophia all the new Rainbow Splash Ice Drops that she can add to the tree!


  1. So glad you have a safe trip!!! :)
    I bet you will have huge smiles will all those fabulous and fun Ice Drops!!! :)
    Great new band!! :)

  2. 6 Ice drops in one trip! What a performance! They are gorgeous.
    Congratulations to Lily for the 6th grade recognition :) Wish we had that sort of things here. Our students merely have a last lesson by the end of June and just step out of the school, and that's it, they are on holidays :( Dull and unappreciative of their efforts.
    I remember getting the certificate for my fifth year university studies in a portcabin while they were renovating the offices. The lady was chatting with her co-worker and handed me the paper without even looking at me. I couldn't help thinking then of the terrific images I had seen in movies of the ceremonies you have in the US.... (big big sigh).
    Congratulations to your country for rewarding the students in such a festive way :)

    1. Our school district has recognition ceremonies for preschool and 8th grade, with graduation ceremonies for high school. We weren't sure what to expect, and we were pleasantly surprised by the effort put in by the school staff to recognize the efforts of all these wonderful children!

  3. You made good use of your travel time, Sophie will have fun finding the right places to hang them. I like your new band pattern. Why is there a map underneath it?

    1. I will try and remember to have my camera ready to take pictures of Sophie!

      I've been experimenting with different things to separate the warp threads and the finished band. The warp threads can become tangled in each other if there isn't something separating them, and I find that the finished portion of the band stays in place better if it's not layer upon layer of band... at least for me!

      So far, I've experimented with strips of wall paper samples, popsicle sticks, and now scrapbooking card stock. The map you see is from a pack of scrapbooking cards that were just the right width for this loom. So far, my favorite is the popsicle sticks, but I'll probably keep experimenting with new ideas!

  4. Congrats with your granddaughters 6 grade recognition, and what a productive car trip too🌸😄🌸

  5. Traffic does make for an extra stressful trip and glad you made it safely there and back. Sixth grade was soooo long ago for me. Lovely new red and white band and lots of fun rainbow Ice Drops!

  6. Beautiful red band! Adore all the ice drops. Glad the program was a hit --- sorry about the "miss" with traffic, ugh

  7. Gorgeous band, looks lovely in red
    Beautiful ice drops, I think one or two might walk home with her rather than your tree

  8. Glad you're back in blogland :-D And now with summer break, we won't get a break from you (JK) ;-P
    First time I've heard of a recognition ceremony. Sounds interesting, though, and gives all kids an opportunity to showcase their diverse talents, if I have understood it correctly.
    Do they have it for every class or only at some levels ?

    1. In my daughter's school district, they have recognition ceremonies after 6th and 8th grades, with graduation after 12th. Our school district does pre-k, 8th, and 12th. Each school district can choose their own, but 8th grade recognition and 12 grade graduation are most common.


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