Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy Independence Day!

I thought a red, white, and blue theme seemed appropriate for today!

I actually finished these yesterday, but there was no time to post.

Dave is cleaning up the gardens in our front yard, and I took on the role of design consultant!

Dave has been moving hostas and planting hydrangeas. As he's been weeding and working up the soil, we've noticed a lot of dead branches on trees, so there's been a lot of cutting and hauling to the burn pile. All I can say is, it's his vacation and he chose what he wanted to do!

I added some more shuttles to my collection from eBay. I especially like the blue Susan Bates shuttles!

Besides working outside, we went to visit some friends. The sky was beautiful on the way home. I wish I knew more about taking pictures with my phone. I guess I should do some research!


  1. Very appropriate ice drops. Happy Independence Day.

  2. Fabulous Ice Drops!! :)
    Great shuttles!! :)
    Pretty picture!! :)

  3. Very patriotic ice drops! Happy 4th of July!

  4. Ice drops for the fourth are great and Susan bates was my first shuttles. Love the sunset


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