Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Tudor Rose Ice Drop

I have always loved Tudor Rose images, so I decided to try and tat one.

What do you think? This one is in the #20 thread from Japan that seems more like a size 10 to me. The bead inside is a little loose, but it was the largest one I had.

I decided to try again with size 20 Lizbeth, and I like the way it turned out much better.

I haven't double checked the pattern, so if you find any mistakes, please let me know!

Tudor Rose Ice Drop
shuttle and ball pattern

Materials: 3/4” glass gem, size 20 Lizbeth thread, one shuttles, 12” ribbon for hanger (optional)

vsp = very small picot
--- = long picot 

Round 1:
Ring 4 vsp 4---4 vsp 4, reverse work.
Chain 6 vsp 6, reverse work.
Ring 4+4+4 vsp 4, reverse work.
Continue creating rings and chains in this manner until there are 5 rings and 5 sections of chain. On last ring, last picot is a join to the first picot of the first ring. Lock join last chain to base of first ring.

Do NOT reverse work.

Round 2:
Chain 15, reverse work.
Ring: 5+5, joining to vsp in chain on round 1, reverse work. 
Chain 15, lock join to base of next ring.

Do NOT reverse work.

Continue in pattern to complete 5 pattern repeats. Reverse work.

After round 2, the piece should look similar to this. This is a good time to set the shape with a steam iron. I put my tatting between to layers of clean terry cloth wash cloths.

Round 3:
Ring 6-6-6 (very small picots). Fold ring away from you toward center of work.
Chain 8, lock join to base of next ring on round 1. Fold ring back up for joining next ring
Ring 6+6-6, joining to second picot of first ring. Fold rings away from you toward center of work.
Continue in this manner until 4 rings and chains have been completed.
On the fifth ring, 6+6, slip glass gem into place, join ring to first picot of first ring, 6. Hold domed side of glass gem away from you.
Chain 8, lock join to base of first ring on round 1.

Cut, tie, and hide ends. Use 12” of ribbon to create hanger or tat a hanger. 


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