Blinging my way...

...with new tips I've picked up along the way posted in red. (originally posted March 2, 2011)

I've had several people ask, so I thought I'd share the way I bling.

First, gather the necessary supplies: shuttles, acrylic paint (I use white), Mod Podge, paint brush (I use the sponge style), fabric or decorative paper, spray on acrylic sealer, glitter top coat nail polish, "gemstones".

Paint shuttle with acrylic paint, a tip I learned from Decoromana. The Mod Podge will play better with your shuttle and fabric or material.

1. Paint a layer of Mod Podge on to the shuttle, not too thin, not too thick.
2. Press a piece of fabric or decorative paper on to the shuttle. Let dry for at least one hour.
3. Trim excess fabric/paper with scissors or craft knife. A tip from Marty is to used curved nail scissors.
4. Add your "gemstones".
5. If you want glitter, paint on a layer of glitter nail polish.
6. Apply five layers of Mod Podge, allowing an hour drying time between each layer.
7. Spray on two coats of acrylic sealer, allowing 15-30 minutes between coats.
8. Let dry 24 hours before use, otherwise the shuttle will feel sticky or tacky.

A few hints:
1. I wipe off the excess Mod Podge on the sides of the shuttle with the side of the sponge brush or my fingers after applying each coat. I think it's necessary for a little Mod Podge to be on the sides, but it's not necessary to have a build-up.
2. I use a craft knife to trim as needed after each layer except the final one. If there are any rough edges when the shuttle is finished, I smooth them with an emery board.
3. When decoupaging Clover shuttles or Sew Mate shuttles with points, I only decoupage the top of the shuttle. I do not have the dexterity to make the bottom look as nice as the top, and I would rather leave it undecorated than have it look messy. I have decorated the top and bottom successfully, but I've been very unhappy with most of my results. However, I find it very easy to do both sides of the Sew Mates without points. Note: since adopting Marty's idea of using the curved tip scissors, I have been much happier with decorating the bottoms of shuttles with tips.
4. If you don't use Tatsy shuttles because of those raised letters that catch the thread, decoupage could be the answer for you!

Please don't think that my way is the only way! This is what makes me happy.

I own some of LaCossette's decoupaged shuttles, and they are fabulous! The have a totally different look and feel from mine. Hers are much more refined!

I have several shuttles from swaps and that have been sent as gifts. They are all beautiful, and they are all different. If given the opportunity, I would love to sit down with others who bling shuttles and see how everyone else does it.

Please post pictures of your blinged shuttles! I would love to see what you do, and if anyone is interested in a swap, let me know!