Friday, February 23, 2018

Black Widow

I pulled out another of my beautiful Grizzly Mountain Arts shuttles today. I call this one the Black Widow, not because of the beautiful spider web on this side.

It's because of this side. I do love this shuttle! The Ice Drop isn't too bad, either. 😌

My friend Denise started a crocheted triangle shaw using the linen stitch. Hers was so pretty, I decided to crochet one also. The yarn is Impeccable from Loops & Threads, and the color is Folklore. This is a worsted weight yarn, so I had to move my crochet hook up from an H to a J to get some drape. Denise is doing hers in Lion Brand Mandala. I'm going to crochet one out of that, too. Denise is using a pink and gray combo. Mine will be... blue, of course!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Round 5

I subbed at the high school today, which meant I had a great deal of time for tatting. With the technology available in schools these days, it's so much easier for the classroom teachers to have projects that the students can work on. I did get to answer a few questions about research, but the students basically worked on their own, which meant that I was able to complete round 5 of Renulek's Wiosna 2018!

While watching the Olympics tonight, I attend another Ice Drop. I tried longer chains on the encasement round. I don't like them. I think they look sloppy. I think I'll stick with a maximum of 10 double stitches for my chains.

This shuttle is one of my favorites. It was custom made for me by Dave Stanbrough of Grizzly Mountain Arts after my dad passed away ten years ago.

The shuttle is beautifully made, and it is wonderfully smooth. My mom has been my inspiration for all fiber related crafts. She has tried so many things and has always done beautiful work. Dad was so supportive of her, buying or making her the tools she needed for her pursuits. When I showed interest in things that Mom was doing, Dad supported me as well. Luckily for me, Dave is also extremely supportive. How did Mom and I get so lucky?

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Round 4

I finished round 4 of Renulek's Wiosna 2018 doily. I was a bit late getting started on this, but I'm hoping I can keep going at a steady pace. It just takes dedication, right?

And you knew that I just had to tat an Ice Drop today! 😉

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Not in the mood

I just wasn't in the mood to blog yesterday. I had too much tatting I wanted to accomplish, and blogging would have taken up precious tatting time!

Before heading off to school, I started an Ice drop in two different colors, mainly because I was trying to us up thread on shuttles.

After school, I finished up the Ice Drop started in the morning and tatted another one with the colors switched. I like them both!

I started another Ice Drop before heading off to bed, and I managed to finish it before leaving for school this morning.

I do love tatting basic Ice Drops! I feel like I've really accomplished something, and it doesn't take a lot of time.

I'm booked for subbing the entire week. So much for retirement!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Waiting for spring

I know it's about a month before the official start of spring, but I really think the weather is taking a turn toward spring. Yes, we had snow yesterday afternoon... almost two inches... but it was warm enough today, that most of it melted. We're expecting rain for the next few days, so I figure we'll have no white stuff left by the end of the week.

It's going to be a busy week. I know I'm subbing Monday through Thursday, and on Friday daughter Alison is coming for a visit with her kids. I had to get my quality tatting time in today!

I decided it was time to get started with Renulek's 2018 tat-along. Round 1 is done in Lizbeth #115, Springtime. I used one of my new see through shuttles from Japan. This one is a pale lavender color. I like that I can easily see how much thread I have left, and I really like the super sharp tip! I found out about them from my friend Carol. They're available on eBay.

These shuttles are available three to a pack in small and large sizes, similar to Clover shuttles. I think I do prefer the Clovers because of the little grooves over the post. These do feel a little slick. Otherwise, there's not much difference between the two brands.

My day is not complete without an Ice Drop, and there was plenty of thread left on the shuttle. Doesn't this look cheerful?

Round 2 is in Lizbeth #680, Spring Green. The shuttle is from the same pack as the lavender, but as you can see, this one is clear.

Of course, another Ice Drop was needed!

Saturday, February 17, 2018


I thought I spent a lot of time tatting today... apparently not! I only tatted one Ice Drop, and it's my pattern for Tatting Corner Tat Days, so I can't even show it to you!

So, what did I do with my time? I cleaned the kitchen, baked a cake, fixed three meals, talked to Mom and three of my daughters, called my aunt, helped Dave troubleshoot a mail problem on his iPad... I guess I didn't really have as much time for tatting as I thought I did!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Back to normal

The weather was back to normal today... no fog, just warm enough to start melting the snow... it's starting to feel like winter is winding down.

I started off the day test tatting an Ice Drop pattern for a friend. Sorry, it's not ready for the big reveal just yet!

Next, I checked my pattern for Tatting Corner's Tat Days in July one more time. I'm not ready to show this one just yet. I think it may be after Tat Days, because I want this to be a special pattern for the event.

I finished up the day tatting this little motif from one of my Japanese tatting books, Tatting Lace 101 Edging & Motif Ideas.

I've been enjoying watching the Olympics. I get really excited watching curling, and I get the wits scared out of me watching the skiing and snowboarding events. I don't know how those athletes can do that stuff!