Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Tollway Tatters meet again!

Thanks to Sue Anna, I have pictures to share!

Marilee, me, and Cathy... Cathy brought her mom, Marlene, down from Minnesota, just to spend the day tatting with us!

Marlene and Nancy... Marlene wound up switching place with me so that she could sit next to Marilee for a "quick" lesson.

Barbara remember the chocolate! She made the most scrumptious chocolate banana bread.

Sue Anna took a quick selfie before handing my phone back!

Carol arrive after we had taken pictures, but we didn't care. We were just glad to have her join us!

Marilee taught Marlene the Catherine Wheel join. She is a very patient teacher!

With all the chatting, I only managed to finish one Masquerade motif for my doily. I'm fine with that. I had a wonderful day with good tatting friends!

For those of you who like to plan ahead and are considering joining us, we're planning on meeting Saturday, August 18. It will be our last meeting before Sue Anna starts her school bus driving duties... our farewell to summer!

P.S. ~ Thank you for taking a picture of us, Cathy!

Monday, July 16, 2018


I spent quite a bit of time sewing today, but didn't complete anything. I did, however, finish two more Masquerade motifs for my doily, and I'm feeling pretty good about that!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Feelin' the heat

It's been hot and humid here the past few days. It's been a lot worse, but I'm a wimp when it comes to the heat. I know I'd never make it in the deep south!

Today I worked on Tamie Alliss's Beaded Bloom in size 20, with beads this time! It's okay, but with this pattern I think I really prefer the size 10 thread. I asked Tamie for some guidance, and she said she uses an 11 mm bead with size 20 thread. This is a 20 mm bead, so maybe that's why I'm not happy with the result.

There's one less ring on the beaded version. I really like this pattern, so I know I'll do more experimenting.

Raspberry Pink Lt was the perfect cool color to use on a hot day!

I added another Masquerade motif to my doily. By tatting one motif a day, this doily will be complete in a few weeks.

It's hard to believe that my needle lace class with Victoria Ong was a week ago. This is the best flower center I've made so far, and I could actually see where my needle needs to go for the next round!

My leaves are getting better. I just need to practice!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Sewing and other things

Today was a sewing day. I was getting bored with my lined drawstring bags, so I cut out a dozen origami pouches. I haven't made one of those in a while. My fabric stash seems to grow by itself. I know that isn't true, but it is an indication that I don't make use of the fabric I purchase!

I played with adding chains to a basic Ice Drop yesterday. I'm not sure I like it, but it's going on the tree. Sometimes I like things better after I've seen them for a while.

I finished another Masquerade motif for my doily. I think it's going to be 5 x 5 motifs, but I may change my mind.

I finished another Beaded Bloom by Tamie Alliss. This one turned out much better. I followed Carolyn Craig's suggestion of snugging up my chains a little tighter, and it worked well.

I didn't have any more 15 mm beads, but this purple bead seemed like it would work well for Tamie's pattern. Since I have way more size 20 thread than size 10, I decided to see if I could adapt the pattern for a larger bead and smaller thread. I chose not to add seed beads to this one, because I wasn't sure now many rings would go around the bead. Now I know!

So, the pink one on the left was my first one. Although I like the colors, it looks a bit wonky. Should I snip it off and try again? I love the way the green one in the middle turned out. The one on the right is smaller despite having a larger bead. I have a few more of these beads, so I think my next one will be with the seed beads. It's fun to experiment!

Friday, July 13, 2018

Been There, Done Tat ~ The Ice Drop

Yes, I designed an Ice Drop just for Tatting Corner Tat Days. Would you like the pattern?

If you've tatted an Ice Drop before, rounds 1 and 2 make up the basic Ice Drop. Round 3 makes the spokes of the snowflake. Enjoy!

Supplies: 2 shuttles wound continuous thread method (approximately 5 yards on each shuttle until you determine how much thread you need), size 20 thread, 3/4” (20 mm) glass gem, bead, button, or cabochon, picot gauge, crochet hook for joins, tapestry needle for hiding ends

Techniques: ring, chain, split ring, lock join

Note: this pattern is best done by tatting the basic Ice Drop first and then adding the outer rounds.

Round 1
Ring 1: 4-4----4-4 Close ring. Reverse work.
Chain 1: 6--6 Reverse work.
Rings 2-5: 4+4+4-4 Close ring, joining to last picot and long picot from previous ring. Reverse work.
Chains 2-5: 6--6 Reverse work.
Ring 6: 4+4+4+4 Close ring, joining to last picot of previous ring, long picot from first ring, and first picot from first ring. Reverse work.
Chain 6: 6--6, lock join to base of first ring. Reverse work.

Round 2
Ring 1: 6-6-6. Do not reverse work. Fold ring toward center away from you.
Chain 1: 8 ds. Lock join to base of next ring. Do not reverse work.
Rings 2-5: Fold up Ring 1. 6+6-6, joining to last picot of Ring 1. Do not reverse work.
Fold rings toward center away from you.
Chains 2-5: 8 ds. Lock join to base of next ring. Do not reverse work.
Ring 6: Fold up previous rings. 6+6, joining to last picot of previous ring. Insert glass gem, join to first picot of first ring, 6. Close ring. Do not reverse work. Turn domed side away from you.
Chain 6: 8 ds. Lock join to base of next ring. Reverse work so that front of Ice Drop is showing.

Round 3

Split ring 6/6. Switch shuttles.

B. Chain 4. Reverse work.

C. Ring 6+6, joining to picot on chain from previous round. Reverse work.

D. Chain 4, vsp, 2. Reverse work.

E. Ring 6+6, joining to small picot on chain from previous round. Reverse work. Switch shuttles.

F. Ring: 2+2-1--1-2 vsp 2.  Do not reverse work.

G. Ring: 2+4-1--1---1--1-4 vsp 2. Do not reverse work.

H. Ring: 2+2-1--1-2 vsp 2.  Do not reverse work. Switch shuttles.

I. Chain: 2+4. Reverse work.

J. Ring: 6+6, joining to picot on chain from previous round. Reverse work.

K. Chain 4. Reverse work.

6+6, joining to base of ring from previous round.

Repeat from B to L four times.

Tat from B to K one time, joining to top of split ring to finish.

Tollway Tatters

If you are in the Chicago area next week...

Tollway Tatters will be meeting on Tuesday, July 17 at the Hinsdale Oasis on 294. We meet at 10 a.m. and stay until we are finished tatting and chatting, usually between 2 and 3 p.m. We usually sit near Starbucks, and we wear our tie-dyed t-shirts. We'd love to have you join us!

Thursday, July 12, 2018


Daughter Carol arranged to come over today to work on her costume for Rock of Ages, which will be performed in August as a fund raiser for the drama club. If you've been following my blog, you may remember that daughter Carol is my one child who refuses to be "drawn to the dark side." Carol did take sewing in high school, but the never did garment construction, so she didn't have a clue about where to start.

Carol was going to arrive around 9:30, so I had a little time for tatting. I was very pleased with myself until I saw a mistake. If I hadn't already hidden my ends, I might have been able to retro-tat and fix my mistake (by the point of the scissors). Instead, I snipped and started over. That was the first failure of the day.

Carol and I got started right away. I had to teacher her how to lay out and cut out a pattern. We then went through the steps of pattern reading and got started with sewing. The pattern was a vintage jumpsuit pattern, size 8. All looked good.

We worked on the bodice until lunch time, when we took about an hour break. Carol was doing really well with the sewing, when I asked how to put the jumpsuit on. It was obvious when we looked at the pattern that it needed to be stepped into and pulled up. I suggested that Carol try on the bodice before we proceeded with the shorts part of it. Boy, did we get a laugh! There was no way Carol would ever be able to put it on. She couldn't even get it up to her knees. We looked at the measurements on the envelope and laughed again. We should have checked there first. Although Carol wears a size 8 when she goes shopping, the size 8 pattern was much smaller.

We gave up and went shopping on Amazon, where we found two jumpsuits that might work. They'll be here next week. Although the costume itself was a failure, I looked at the experience as a success. I spent a day with my daughter, and she learned some new skills.

When we finished shopping, we put dinner together. Dave arrived home just in time to enjoy the fruits of our labor! ;-)

I was able to complete my fourth motif for my Masquerade doily, but that was all. Still, it was a wonderful day!