Friday, July 27, 2018

Laundry day... again

Friday is laundry day, and sometimes that means lots of crafting time, and sometimes it doesn't. I don't have much to show, but I did have a lot of crafting time today!

I sewed on my origami pouches this morning, but there's nothing but a stack of squares... nothing to show.

I also worked on sorting through a few boxes of my craft stuff, putting things in more logical places. Again, there's nothing to show.

I even spent time putting together the things I want to take to Minnesota, but there's nothing interesting to show their either. Maybe I'll have something good to show when I get back!

As I was sorting today, I found a few of Rita Richmond's shuttles tucked in to project bags. The projects have been long forgotten, so the shuttles have been put back with their buddies, except for this one. I needed it for today's tatting!

Shelley Perreault asked if I would check her Peacock Coins pattern. She's had it available on the Ice Drop Addicts page for a while, but I hadn't gotten around to trying it until now. Shelley's directions are easy to follow, and I like the way her pattern shows off the peacock bead.

I started the next Masquerade motif for my doily, but I didn't get very far.

I only managed to complete one spool pin doily today. I hope to get more done tomorrow. Dave wants to finish cutting down the tree in Carol's front yard, so we'll see how the day goes.

Thursday, July 26, 2018


Dave brought in the first of our peppers this morning. I set aside three for daughter Carol, cut up two for our dinner tonight, and prepared the rest for freezing. Yum!

I was very happy to complete a Masquerade motif with no mistakes. I think this is going to be perfect!

Five more spool pin doilies are ready for Mom's table decorations!

As for dinner... it was delicious! We had fried peppers and onions, and a salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, broccoli, and cabbage... all from our garden. No, we didn't eat it all. It was way too much food. We both finished our peppers and onions. Dave ate about half of his salad, and I didn't touch mine. The good news is, I have lunch ready for tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Helping Mom

Mom is working on table decorations for the dining room for her retirement village. Yes, she's working ahead and making Christmas trees. She came up with the idea of using spool pin doilies as tree skirts. Isn't that a great idea?

Mom is weaving the squares and putting the decorations together, and I'm helping her out by crocheting the spool pin doilies for her. I finished the first five today... only 45 to go!

I must not be concentrating while tatting. I had to tat the lavender motif two times. Luckily, I have enough thread!

I started putting together the things I want to take with me to the Twin Cities Tatters retreat next week. I have so many works in progress, it's difficult to choose. Right now I'm organizing the projects I have and then I'll be able to decide which ones to take with me.

My day wouldn't be complete without an Ice Drop! I had just enough thread left on the shuttle from yesterday's Ice Drop. I thought you might like to see the back of the shuttle decorated by Sarah. I love it!

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Playing with napkins

During my mini reorganizing spree yesterday, I found a basket of cloth napkins that Mom had given me a while back. They were meant for origami pouches, so that's what I used them for.

The floral bag on the top left is not one of the napkins, but the others are. I whipped these up this morning. The nice thing about using the napkins is they're heavy weight and don't need to be lined.

I had so much fun, I made two more after lunch!

Despite spending time sorting through and organizing skeins of yarn, I found time to tat my next Masquerade motif. Only two more rows to go, and this doily will be finished... unless I decide to put a border around it. I think a border would give it a more finished look, but I'm not sure what I'd do. Any ideas?

While dinner was cooking, I started another Ice Drop. I was trying to remember what I did the other day. Of course I didn't look at what I did before, so this one turned out different. Nothing wrong with that, I guess! The thread is size 20 Lizbeth Royal Wave. The shuttle is by Sarah Ruth Wood, who I met at Tatting Corner Tat Days. She's a lovely lady, and I hope to meet her again. Sarah's shuttles are available at Tatting Corner.

I had fun today. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Monday, July 23, 2018

Fumble fingers

Today was one of those days when I just couldn't get my fingers to do what I wanted them to do. It took me all morning to tat one Masquerade motif. I'd get the thread all tangled up, create knots, undo the knots, untangle the thread... all very frustrating!

So, after lunch I decided to sew instead. I finished four more Origami pouches. I said before that I planned on returning to the Quiltsalott tutorial that I've used for years, but I really liked the idea of completing the bag on my machine with no hand stitching. I made a few bags following a tutorial I found from Harujion Design, but it didn't go together quite the way I wanted it to.

After making a few bags, I realized that I was sewing too deep a seam for the boxing of the bottom. I adjusted that, and I liked the shape of the bag much better! Now I have six bags completed, one of which suits me just fine. I may keep it for myself!

Sunday, July 22, 2018

I had plans

I really meant to get so much accomplished this afternoon, but somehow I got distracted... again!

We had rain showers all morning, so I worked on some reorganizing. My goodness, I have an awful lot of stuff! I really need to find new homes for some of it. There's no way I can use up everything I have.

I started off the afternoon with an Ice Drop in metallic thread. I was almost finished with the first round when I managed to knot the thread. Then I managed to shred it while trying to get the knot out. I gave up and threw it away. I'll try metallic thread another day!

I then moved on to a Beaded Bloom by Tamie Alliss. This one's okay, but I still struggle with getting those chains around the center bead.

Thinking that I might do better without beads, I tried again. I think this one looks worse! It really does look drab without the seed beads.

Then I moved in to the sewing room and finished two Origami pouches. I almost sewed up a lined drawstring bag as well, but the phone rang and I forgot! ;-)

Before starting this post I was finishing up the next Masquerade motif on my Sweet Tarts doily. I joined to the first square, but forgot to join to the second square, so I snipped!

I think it's time to call it a night!

Saturday, July 21, 2018

I am really enjoying tatting Masquerade from the Lizbeth thread pack "Sweet Tarts." I'm pretty sure I have all of these colors in my stash, but I'm not sure I'd have ever put them together.

I tatted another of Tamie Alliss's "Beaded Bloom." I like the multi-colored beads on the outside, and the center bead is a little bit different from the other's I've used. The hole through the center is a little larger, which made it easier to thread the picot through the bead. I think it has an interesting shape.

Dave went to daughter Carol's to work on her tree again this afternoon. It was drizzling here, but clear at Carol's house. I chose to stay home. I get nervous watching my husband with a chain saw!

While Dave was busy working, I sat and watched a movie and tatted an Ice Drop. I didn't write down what I did, so I'll have to see if I can duplicate the pattern. I really like the way it turned out!

Friday, July 20, 2018

Costume day

Daughter Carol came over today and we finished her costume! We designed the belt ourselves, and we were both very pleased with the results.

My Masquerade doily continues to grow. I'm going to continue with this pattern, but I'm already thinking of a different layout. Imagination is a wonderful thing!

Thursday, July 19, 2018


This morning Becky and Kami came over for sewing lessons. Today we made Origami pouches. I've made plenty of these before, but never one this small. I followed a different tutorial that does not require any hand sewing. It's a nice little bag, but I think I might go back to the tutorial I've always used in the past from Quiltsalott so that I can have a slightly bigger bag.

I experimented with Tamie Alliss's Beaded Bloom today. I tried one less ring. Yesterday's looked a little squished to me, and this one looks a little stretched. I'm going to keep experimenting until I find what works for me.

Dave finished work early today, so we went over to daughter Carol's house to start cutting down one of the two dead trees left in her yard. Dave, Carol, Nick, Jon, and Alex worked on the tree for about three hours, while I supervised.

When we got home, I finished another Masquerade motif for my doily. I started an Ice Drop at Carol's, but I didn't have a crochet hook with me for joining. I did try to join using the pick on the shuttle, but I kept shredding the thread. I figured it was better to give up than to ruin the thread!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Low key

I had a low key day today. Daughter Carol came over and we worked on her costume for the play for a couple of hours. Other than that, I just spent a little time tatting.

You know I had to tat an Ice Drop!

My Masquerade doily is coming along nicely. I decided to mark my beginning motif so that I could remember the color sequence I started.

I received some 15 mm beads in the mail today, so I was able to tat another Beaded Bloom by Tamie Alliss. The bead might be slightly smaller than 15 mm. The one side looks kind of scrunched up. I think I'll make another one with one less ring just to see how it looks. I do love the blue bead and the blue thread!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Tollway Tatters meet again!

Thanks to Sue Anna, I have pictures to share!

Marilee, me, and Cathy... Cathy brought her mom, Marlene, down from Minnesota, just to spend the day tatting with us!

Marlene and Nancy... Marlene wound up switching place with me so that she could sit next to Marilee for a "quick" lesson.

Barbara remember the chocolate! She made the most scrumptious chocolate banana bread.

Sue Anna took a quick selfie before handing my phone back!

Carol arrive after we had taken pictures, but we didn't care. We were just glad to have her join us!

Marilee taught Marlene the Catherine Wheel join. She is a very patient teacher!

With all the chatting, I only managed to finish one Masquerade motif for my doily. I'm fine with that. I had a wonderful day with good tatting friends!

For those of you who like to plan ahead and are considering joining us, we're planning on meeting Saturday, August 18. It will be our last meeting before Sue Anna starts her school bus driving duties... our farewell to summer!

P.S. ~ Thank you for taking a picture of us, Cathy!

Monday, July 16, 2018


I spent quite a bit of time sewing today, but didn't complete anything. I did, however, finish two more Masquerade motifs for my doily, and I'm feeling pretty good about that!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Feelin' the heat

It's been hot and humid here the past few days. It's been a lot worse, but I'm a wimp when it comes to the heat. I know I'd never make it in the deep south!

Today I worked on Tamie Alliss's Beaded Bloom in size 20, with beads this time! It's okay, but with this pattern I think I really prefer the size 10 thread. I asked Tamie for some guidance, and she said she uses an 11 mm bead with size 20 thread. This is a 20 mm bead, so maybe that's why I'm not happy with the result.

There's one less ring on the beaded version. I really like this pattern, so I know I'll do more experimenting.

Raspberry Pink Lt was the perfect cool color to use on a hot day!

I added another Masquerade motif to my doily. By tatting one motif a day, this doily will be complete in a few weeks.

It's hard to believe that my needle lace class with Victoria Ong was a week ago. This is the best flower center I've made so far, and I could actually see where my needle needs to go for the next round!

My leaves are getting better. I just need to practice!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Sewing and other things

Today was a sewing day. I was getting bored with my lined drawstring bags, so I cut out a dozen origami pouches. I haven't made one of those in a while. My fabric stash seems to grow by itself. I know that isn't true, but it is an indication that I don't make use of the fabric I purchase!

I played with adding chains to a basic Ice Drop yesterday. I'm not sure I like it, but it's going on the tree. Sometimes I like things better after I've seen them for a while.

I finished another Masquerade motif for my doily. I think it's going to be 5 x 5 motifs, but I may change my mind.

I finished another Beaded Bloom by Tamie Alliss. This one turned out much better. I followed Carolyn Craig's suggestion of snugging up my chains a little tighter, and it worked well.

I didn't have any more 15 mm beads, but this purple bead seemed like it would work well for Tamie's pattern. Since I have way more size 20 thread than size 10, I decided to see if I could adapt the pattern for a larger bead and smaller thread. I chose not to add seed beads to this one, because I wasn't sure now many rings would go around the bead. Now I know!

So, the pink one on the left was my first one. Although I like the colors, it looks a bit wonky. Should I snip it off and try again? I love the way the green one in the middle turned out. The one on the right is smaller despite having a larger bead. I have a few more of these beads, so I think my next one will be with the seed beads. It's fun to experiment!