Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Been There, Done Tat ~ Part 2

Friday and Saturday were fun-filled days! I taught two basic Ice Drop classes on Friday, and three Tat Days Ice Drop classes on Saturday. Yes, I will provide pictures and the pattern for the Tat Days Ice Drop soon. I have to find where I filed them on my computer!

Since I had an open time slot on Friday, I chose to take a basket weaving class with Jennifer Titus. She is an excellent teacher, but I had a difficult time counting over 2 under 1. I had to rip out what I had done four times. By the time class was over, I only had half the basket finished. Jennifer was kind enough to finish it for me. I have a new appreciation for basket makers, and I will gladly pay their prices when I see a basket I like!

Friday night we went to Hoosier Park for their prime rib buffet. I'd never been to a race track before. It was interesting, but not something I'm likely to do again unless Lisa plans dinner there again next year. The food was fabulous!

Thursday afternoon I had the thrill of meeting the very talented Carolyn Craig! I knew I loved her oval brooches, but once I saw them in person, I knew I just had to make some.

Carolyn was kind enough to pass out these little angel kits. Now I just have to decide what materials to use! Thank you, Carolyn!

Lisa had told me ahead of time that she was going to have some adorable wearable needle minders in the shop. I couldn't resist!

I also knew that Lisa was going to have some tatting themed sterling silver jewelry. I really love this necklace!

I also met Sarah Wood from Texas on Thursday. I had seen some of her decorated shuttles at Palmetto Tat Days last year, and I was happy to see that Lisa had a good stock to choose from.

I was really excited when I saw Sarah tatting with the same shuttle! I guess I have good taste! ;-)

Shawna Wachs, another teacher and my personal chauffeur for the weekend, had these adorable tiles with the stand. It looks great on my window sill!

I also purchased one of Shawna's decals for my favorite water cup!

The most exciting moment of the weekend was when I met Carollyn Brown! I have followed Carollyn's blog for a long time, and when I saw that she was going to have her shuttles available, I knew I was going to be shopping with her! I met Carollyn and her husband Richard on Friday, and I bought one of their adorable bunny shuttles right away. Don't tell anyone, but Richard chose his favorite bunny just for me! :-)

The two fish shuttles and basket were part of the silent auction, and I won! Can you tell that I'm excited about that?

I'm slowly getting back into my routine. Remember the bags I cut out a while back? I sewed another one today. I think I'm going to sell at our town's Oktoberfest in September, so I really need to get cracking on these bags.

I tatted another Masquerade motif from Mary Konior's Tatting with Visual Patterns. I have an idea for a doily using the Lizbeth Sweet Tarts pack. Luckily, if it doesn't suit me, I know one of my granddaughters will want it!

Today's Ice Drop is in Lizbeth #623, Raspberry Pink Lt.

Yes, I ordered a second Tatting Shuttle Addicts commemorative shuttle. I guess I'm hopeless!


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, it was! My self control was a little better than it was at Palmetto Tat Days!

  2. More wonderful information! After those long drives and the busy weekend teaching, I would be exhausted, yet you are already back to being productive! Nice memories and souvenirs!

    1. I was totally exhausted Monday, but I pushed myself to do more on Tuesday. I could very easily sit around and do nothing all day long!

  3. Looks like a tatter's Christmas!!! :)

    1. Definitely! Christmas, birthday, and 4th of July all rolled into one!

  4. Wow, what fun! I'm envious. I love, love that silver necklace and the decals too.

  5. I am sorry that I am so late chiming in, and I can't post on my blog something is not right! I had so much fun and this tatting get together was everything I thought it would be. Love your pictures and meeting you and all the other tatting lace lovers :)


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