Sunday, July 31, 2016

A new project

I spent time working on my Spinning Wheel glass mat in size 80 Lizbeth Pink Cocoa, but I also started a new project!

I'm really enjoying working with fine thread again, so I started Renulek's Napkin "Marta" in size 80 Majestic #823. Part of the reason I decided to use this thread is that the ball and shuttle fit into one of my new thread catchers!

I think I'm having too much fun!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Reading day

I spent too much time tatting on Thursday, and I could really feel it in my hands yesterday. So, I took it easy with tatting on Friday, so easy that I forgot to blog about my day!

Granddaughter Eva is reading The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom, a book that I've had for a long time, but have never taken the time to read. I'm now halfway through it!

Other than reading, I spent time doing a little of this and a little of that.

I finished up a cowl that I had on the loom. I hemstitched each end, tied the fringed ends together, trimmed the fringe, and then braided it. I really like the way it turned out!


Marie has been going crazy making these adorable little trash cans or thread catchers. The original pattern I followed had triangular tips like Marie's, with buttons holding down the three corners. I'm not sure if this is the pattern I followed or not, but there's a nice tutorial here.

However, I was feeling a bit lazy today and I did not feel like looking for buttons and sewing them on, so I followed this tutorial on Craftsy. I like that this pattern is all machine stitching, making it much faster to put them together. Of course buttons or charms can still be added to give them a little pizzazz. It does take slightly longer to cut out, because there are three extra cuts to remove the tips of the triangles. Also, there are six corners to trim instead of three before turning.

I think this is a great way to use up scrap fabric (two 10" squares are needed), and since they're so easy and quick to make, they're a great giveaway!

And yes, I did take a little time to tat today, but my goal was to give my hands a rest, so I tried not to get carried away! ;-)

The thread is size 80 Lizbeth, Pink Cocoa #166. I try not to use this thread too often, as I get cravings for chocolate and strawberries!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Just tatting

I did absolutely no housework today... I just sat and tatted!

I finished my Spinning Wheel glass mat in Coats & Clark's tatting-crochet thread, size 70, color #171. It's about 3 1/2" across.

There was plenty of thread left on the shuttle, so I tatted Renulek's Snowflake Rosie. I love this pattern, but I wish I had tatted it in white. I think it's much prettier in a solid color. The finished size is 3 1/4".

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Keepin' busy

My main goal in retirement is to get my house organized. I've been working on it a little bit at a time, and although it doesn't look like it, I've really accomplished a lot. I guess the fact that my house still looks super cluttered shows how much this reorganization is needed!

Today I worked on rearranging two shelves in one cabinet and one section of counter top. I can't tell you how happy that little bit of reorganizing has made me!

I also spent a good deal of the day going through four large boxes of beads and findings, deciding what I want to keep and what I want to give away. I only have three more boxes to go through... three on the back porch, that is!

Last night after posting, I wound some Coats & Clark's size 70 tatting-crochet thread on my newest Hand-wind Shuttle from Grizzly Mountain Arts. I may have to pass this shuttle on to daughter Joanne some day. She is the super cat lover in the family, and I know she will love the tiny little cat paw prints on this shuttle. When Joanne was down visiting in June, she did tell me that she might be open to learning to tat. That means it's time to put together some supplies for her! ;-)

I wasn't sure I'd like this thread, but I think my Spinning Wheel looks pretty good!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


There was so much I wanted to accomplish today... instead, I tatted! My doily looks a bit distorted here, so I think I'd better give it a proper blocking. My doily also looks more open than Renulek's sample, so when I tat it again I think I'll try using larger picots. This was a very easy pattern to follow.

The pattern is Renulek's Napkin mini-beauty and can be found in her Etsy shop. The finished size is 7 1/4". The thread is size 20 Lizbeth, #170, Pineapple Parfait. I love this color!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Moving on to round 3

The heat and humidity are stifling, and I know we're not the only ones feeling it. Luckily, we're expecting a cool-down tomorrow. Yup, there's supposed to be a 3° drop in temperature. I'll take it!

We had a few rows of corn ready today, so Dave and I canned 16 pints and froze 3 quarts. I prefer frozen corn to canned, so now I have Dave researching freezers. I'm not sure if we'll get one, but it's fun looking.

Napkin mini-beauty by Renulek
size 20 Lizbeth, Pineapple Parfait

It was nice to sit down and tat while the pressure cooker was doing its thing. Also, since it's so muggy, Dave and I both spent a lot of time just sitting and relaxing. Isn't that what Sunday afternoons are all about?

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Too hot!

It was way too hot and humid to do anything today. Luckily, we have air conditioning and I was able to sit, relax, and tat.

I'm working on Renulek's Napkin mini-beauty in size 20 Lizbeth, Pineapple Parfait. The pattern can be found in Renulek's Etsy shop.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Niagara Falls Spinning Wheel

I tried something new today, dehydrating. I had three quarts of beans cleaned and bagged, with no room in the freezer and no desire to can. It was way too hot today for canning. I haven't dehydrated anything since the '70s, and I only attempted fruit back then. 

My three quarts of beans are now shriveled down to about a pint and are safely stored away. I'll try some soup or stew next week to see if we like rehydrated beans!

While the dehydrator was doing its thing, I had time to go through some boxes, and I had time to tat!

I've been asked about the difference in size with the different threads. The blue Spinning Wheel is size 80 Lizbeth. It's about 3 1/2". The yellow Snowflake Cappuccino is size 20 Lizbeth and is about 4 3/4". The green Spinning wheel is size 20 Lizbeth and is about 5 1/2".

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Book break

When I was visiting daughter Alison last week, grandson Aidan recommended this book to me. So, I spent yesterday and today doing some reading. I enjoyed it, although I did have to do a little background research to understand the context of the story. I did find that the book was made in to a movie starring Jim Caviezel. I hope to watch it soon so that I can compare the book to the movie. I usually find that I enjoy the book more because of the detail that comes through. However, seeing the movie helps me visualize what is happening, especially if I don't completely understand the story!

Of course I did manage to fit in some time for tatting! I think I would have finished this Spinning Wheel if I hadn't spent so much time reading. :-)

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Size 80

I haven't gotten very far in my reorganizing efforts, but I do try to make a little progress every day. The other day I came across this size 80 Lizbeth thread. The color called to me, so I kept it close while finishing my Pineapple Parfait snowflake.

I'm sure you recognize the pattern by now, Spinning Wheel glass mat from Tatting with Visual Patterns by Mary Konior. The thread is #158 Niagara Falls.

I can't help myself... I'm drawn to blue!

Monday, July 18, 2016

At last!

Snowflake Cappuccino by Renulek
size 20 Lizbeth Pineapple Parfait
finished size 4 1/2" point to point

There were no missteps this time. I had enough thread. I followed the pattern correctly... and all this happened while daughter Carol and I canned another 16 pints of beets. I'm really getting tired of canning, but I'll keep going as long as I have the supplies. I'm sure I'll appreciate having all these veggies come winter!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Three times is the charm

Today was very busy! Right after breakfast, Dave went out to the garden to pick green beans. He also found a few cherry tomatoes and a cucumber.

It took a while to clean all those green beans, and I knew there were way too many for us to eat over the next few days. So, it was time to do some more canning!

I canned 16 pints of beans, froze 3 pints, and cooked up a pound of beans that we ate for lunch and dinner. Cooking is not my thing, but I carried on like I knew what I was doing, and now I'm ready to rest!

I made the mistake of trying to tat in between chores today. I should have stopped until I was finished dealing with veggies, but I tend to be a bit stubborn. I messed up on the third pass of Renulek's Snowflake Cappuccino. It just looked a mess, and rather than try and figure out what I did wrong, I snipped and started over.

I got stuck almost right away, so I snipped again.

The third time was the charm, and now I'm back on track! I'm using size 20 Lizbeth, Pineapple Parfait. I'm taking this one slowly!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Too little

I was sure I had enough, but I didn't. I ran out of Helm's Deep with just a short bit to go. I'm going to keep the shuttles attached for now, and I'm going to look through my stash to see if I have any more of this beautiful HDT fro LadyShuttleMaker.

The pattern is Renulek's Snowflake Cappuccino, which can be purchased in her Etsy shop.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Leafy Greens

I spent time organizing today, and to keep myself motivated I gave myself frequent tatting breaks. As a result, I was able to finish my Leafy Greens Spinning Wheel.

Early this morning, Joanne sent me a picture of Sophia with her new kitten, Horatio. Sophia loves her new kitty!

After dinner my friend Pam stopped by with a retirement gift for me. Pam retired two years ago. She taught 4th grade to three of my four daughters, so her gift is extra special!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Helping out

Daughter Alison needed help getting the kids to doctor's appointments yesterday, so I drove up and spent two wonderful days with my grandchildren. Yes, I did get some tatting in, but I was so tired at the end of the day that I just didn't get around to posting!

Of course the easiest tatting to bring along is my favorite Spinning Wheel glass mat from Tatting with Visual Patterns by Mary Konior. This one is in size 20 Lizbeth, Leafy Green, one of my favorite colors!

I had some wonderful packages to open when I checked my mail box earlier this evening.

These are my newest shuttles from Rita Richmond at Shuttle by Design. Aren't they gorgeous?

I love the interesting slits in this shuttle from Meng's Crafts. I've ordered shuttles from them before, and I'm very pleased with their designs!

I also received a package from Japan! I had to have these beautiful red shuttles, and then there was the purple, and the blue and green, and the earring kit with a red and green shuttle... do I really need to explain? ;-)

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A very busy day

I knew it was going to be a busy day, so I got up early and worked on my Butterfly Effect doily from Tatting Lace with Your Life before things really got in gear.

Daughter Carol came over and helped me can 13 more pints of beets. It's so much easier when there's someone to help!

After Carol left, I decided to keep on tatting while watching Broadchurch.

I managed to finish the whole series! There was only one motif left to tat after dinner...

...and after cleaning up the kitchen, I had plenty of time to finish. The finished doily is 5" across. I wanted it to look like a bouquet of flowers with some greenery, and I think I succeeded. I'm really pleased with it!

I think it could have been part of the book cover! ;-)

Monday, July 11, 2016

More Korean tatting

This morning I tatted the second motif for the Butterfly Effect doily from Tatting Lace with Your Life. The first motif is in Lizbeth #616, Daffodil Med. The second is in Lizbeth #170, Pineapple Parfait. I managed to get quite a bit done between laundry loads!

This afternoon I decided to be lazy and watch t.v. So, I had time to tat the third motif for the doily! This one is in Lizbeth #138, Leafy Green.

Dave came home early today, so he helped me can beets. I have never canned before, and I now know that I hate canning! It took me two and half hours to finish seven pints of beets. I know there are many people who love canning, but I now know that I am not one of them!

Korean tatting

I received a new tatting book on Friday, one I've been considering purchasing for a while, Tatting Lace with Your Life. I'm so glad I did! There are some fabulous designs in here. The text is in Korean, but the patterns are diagrammed, and there are little codes that can be scanned with a smart phone. They connect to technique videos! I have never seen anything like this before. Although I'm not fluent in Korean... let's be honest, I know nothing about Korean... I found the videos very helpful.

This little motif caught my eye right away. The names of the patterns are in English as well as Korean. This motif is from the doily pattern "Butterfly Effect." It's about 1 3/4" across in size 20 Lizbeth #616, Daffodil Med.

It took me a while to figure out how to tat the pattern. Although I consider myself a visual learner, I guess I really do rely on the text to help me. After a couple of false starts and a good night's sleep, I remembered that the center is similar to one of my favorite snowflake designs by Lene Bjorn. BINGO! I knew just what to do!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Fun on the Tollway

We had a wonderful Tollway Tatters meeting today! I wish all of you could have joined us.

We spent a little time looking at Marilee's gorgeous hand-dyed threads and purchasing them, of course!

Sue was able to join us this time. She thinks it's been three years since she's been able to make the trip from Michigan. I guess when you keep in touch online, the time passes quickly.

She brought along her gorgeous doily, which she's been blogging about. Pictures just don't do it justice! It's in size 80 thread, which makes it even more impressive!

Sue Anna was working on some of Marilee's jewelry designs. I forgot to take a picture, but she had the bracelet that you can see in the picture, a necklace, and earrings, all tatted with Marilee's hand-dyed thread, Pansy.

Sue's husband Richard was our official photographer today. Normally, we have to take selfies or ask a passerby to take a photo. We were a small but happy group today!

Sue brought along her friend Doris, who is new to tatting. Doris has been tatting rings only. She told us she has lengths of rings decorating lamp shades and hanging in her windows. We don't have her connected to tatting blogs yet, but we're working on it!

Doris admired a decorated hair clip that Marilee was wearing, so she tatted two flowers to make her own... pretty good!

As I'd hoped, I managed to finish my Spinning Wheel glass mat in size 20 Lizbeth, River Blue Dk. No, I have not tired of tatting Mary Konior's pattern, which can be found in Tatting with Visual Patterns. In fact, I'm finding that since I do not have to spend time deciding which pattern to tat next, I spend more time tatting and working on the reorganization of my house... a win win situation!