Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Christmas Green

With the colder weather, I find myself turning to knitting and crocheting so that I can feel the warmth of the yarn in my hands. This summer, daughter Joanne and I found a sale on Caron x Pantone yarn. Who can resist half price? I had two skeins in my line of vision, and I decided it would make a wonderful cowl. I didn't find a cowl pattern that inspired me, so I turned to my copy of Sequence Knitting, a book that I love to browse through. I found a pattern that I liked and got to knitting. I'm eager to see how this looks when it's finished!

Rita Richmond of Shuttle by Design has been offering some gorgeous shuttles lately. I took a chance and looked in her shop last week, and I was surprised to see this beautiful Iris shuttle still available. Rita also had a new shade of blue for her handmade shuttles. I love them both!

I also found some beautiful new shuttles from ShuttleSmith Karen Bovard. I do enjoy tatting with flat shuttles!

As for Christmas Green, I'm very happy to have tatted a Frivolity Ice Drop in this cheerful color. The red ribbon seemed to be the perfect touch!

Monday, December 9, 2019

Time to get back on track

I have neglected so much over the past week. I haven't been keeping up with my walking. I haven't been watching what I eat. My crafting time has been minimal. It's been a busy week of cleaning, decorating, and getting ready for Christmas. At least I can say the house is starting to shape up!

I really need to focus on Ice Drops this week. I need three more for gift giving at school. This is the third one in Gold. My shuttle is loaded with Christmas Green for the next three.

My friend Eileen sent me a picture of her Ice Drop display. We've been friends since high school, and we were college roommates. I was Eileen's maid of honor, and she was my matron of Honor. We've been friends for more than 50 years!

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

A little more gold

Getting ready for Christmas is certainly keeping us busy! I'm glad I always find time for tatting. I'm not sure I like the red bow with the gold thread, but I'm going to keep it as it is. Sometimes new color combinations grow on me and I wind up loving them!

Monday, December 2, 2019

Goin' for the gold!

We had a busy weekend decorating for Christmas. We're not done, but we do have a good start!

Dave had great fun decorating the staircase.

Our entertainment center is next to the stairs, so it becomes part of the decoration.

The lantern is Dave's favorite new decoration. One of his employees, Vanessa, did a fabulous job of making it festive.

My Christmas tree is decorated to my taste. It looks a little off balance in this picture. I guess I'll have to do some double checking.

This is the view from my chair. I love it!

I finished blocking my Greyson Waves Lace Scarf by Marly Bird. It's now ready for Christmas wrapping!

My newest Frivolity Ice Drop is in size 20 Lizbeth #611, Gold. I love my newest shuttle, Midnight Blossom, from Rita Richmond of Shuttle by Design. Do I need more shuttles? No! I just can't help myself when I see a new beauty for sale. I love collecting my little works of art!

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Christmas Green Mix

Another Thanksgiving is behind us. We had a wonderful time together, and of course we ate way too much food!

Now it's time to decorate for Christmas! Dave has worked on decorating the outside of the house for a few weeks, but the lights didn't go on until Thanksgiving night. He went way overboard this year, and I'm eager for him to take a picture so that we can remember what he did. It won't happen tonight. It's windy, wet, and cold outside... not good weather for taking pictures.

We've started on the inside of the house. With everyone coming here for Christmas, Dave is on a mission to make everything extra bright and beautiful. My husband is crazy for Christmas!

Even with all of the activity of the past few days, I've found time to tat two more Frivolity Ice Drops in size 20 Lizbeth #152, Christmas Green Mix.

It's been kind of fun tatting in groups of three. I nearly have enough for what I want to give as Christmas presents. I may even have time to tat a few for my own tree!

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Red, white, and green

I had a very productive day today. I cleaned out a closet, reorganized some of my craft materials, and tatted two Ice Drops!

This is my third Frivolity Ice Drop in Lizbeth #151, Angel's Love.

My next trio will be in Lizbeth #152, Christmas Green Mix. I think this would also be a great color for St. Patrick's Day, but that's months away. For now, I'm focusing on Christmas!

I'm guessing I won't have much time for tatting tomorrow, and I'm not planning on spending much, if any, time on the computer. So, for all who celebrate, happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Angel's Love

I chose size 20 Lizbeth #151, Angel's Love for my next set of Frivolity Ice Drops.

We had a short school day today, so I had time to tat two! I need one more to complete the set, but that might not happen for a few days. I have a lot to do to get ready for Thanksgiving. My sister-in-law is hosting, but I have sides to prepare and I need to get my house ready for company. Oh, how I wish I had a fairy godmother!