Friday, May 20, 2022


I finally finished the petticoat for Kara's doll! I started the skirt last night. Starting today, I'm subbing for the last week of school. I'll take the knitting to school with me, just in case I have a little free time. Fingers crossed!

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Not much to show

It's been a really slow week craft wise. Mom, Dave, and I all had appointments this week... dentist, hair dresser, doctor... and each of those appointments seems to take up an awful lot of time. I also subbed this week. I can get by with tatting when subbing at the middle school or high school, but not at the elementary school!

I spent a lot of time reading this week. I'm thorough enjoying The Knitty Kitties Mysteries. I'm almost finished with the third book. The first three were free, and I'm seriously considering purchasing the last three books in the series. They're a light hearted, easy read, and that's the type of book I like at this time of year!

I did make a little progress on my sock weight spiral knit tube sock. I'm glad I've been practicing with less expensive sock yarns. My tension seems to be improving as I move along.

The petticoat for Kara's doll is coming along very slowly. This needs to be 5.5" long. I'm not even halfway there yet!

I did not work on my Star of Bethlehem doily at all this week. We had a few hot and humid days in the middle of the week, and I had no motivation to do anything other than sit and read for those few days. Let's hope I feel more motivated this coming week!

Monday, May 9, 2022

Relaxing weekend

As expected, I didn't do much on Saturday. I did spend most of the day in my chair working on Star of Bethlehem from Bonded with Tatting - doilies  by Laura Bziukiewicz. I love the way this round is worked. It's like working on three rounds at the same time!

This is Dave's busiest time of year at work, so daughter Carol came over in the morning to help out with mowing. She also brought Mom's favorite dish to celebrate Mother's Day... homemade macaroni and cheese! My brother came to visit as well. It was a beautiful day!

After everyone left, I decided it was time to get back to granddaughter Kara's doll. Mom finished the body weeks ago, and I've been picking up and putting down the bits of clothing I've been working on. The apron is almost done, but Kara doesn't want an apron. The bonnet is almost done, but Kara doesn't want a bonnet. The shawl is finished, but that's the last piece to get added. Bloomers were next on the list, and I just wasn't enjoying making the bloomers. They're done now! 

I started the petticoat last night. After that, I need to knit the skirt, and then put everything together. I know Kara will love her doll!

Saturday, May 7, 2022

This week's math


Two sub days plus three sick days equals very little craft time. I'm thinking that subbing at the elementary school might be something I need to steer clear of since I seem to catch a cold whenever I'm around those little ones.

I'm on the mend, but I think I'll be taking it easy today.

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Another sock pattern

I subbed all day today, so I was too tired to concentrate on anything complicated after school. As I was working on my worsted weight spiral knit socks, I kept thinking about making them in sock weight yarn. This is Lion Brand Magic Stripes, a color that has been in my stash for a while. 

The pattern is Spiral Socks without Heel Pattern #311 and can be found here:

This is very similar to the pattern I just finished. There are more stitches, and the pattern is K4, P4. The pattern on the previous pair was K3, P3. There will be no finishing a sock in one day this time!

Monday, May 2, 2022

Sunday visitor


Mom saw this chubby little guy peering through the sliding door to our deck. He scurried away when I headed toward the sunporch, but I managed to get a picture of him as he nibbled out back. You just never know what critters you will see when you live in the country!

I spent the day knitting yesterday, and I surprised myself by finishing the second spiral knit tube sock. 

I never really thought I could knit an entire sock in one day, even if it is in worsted weight yarn! 

I was tempted to start knitting another pair of socks, but I chose to work on the bloomers for granddaughter Kara's doll. I have too many works in progress, and I need to finish them up!

I've started round 5 of Star of Bethlehem from Bonded with tatting - doilies by Laura Bziukiewicz. It takes concentration, but it is so pretty!

Saturday, April 30, 2022

April Tollway Tatters


We were a small group of four today, but we had great fun tatting and chatting! I managed to tat round 4 of Star of Bethlehem from Bonded with tatting - doilies by Laura Bziukiewicz. I've been looking at round 5, which is very detailed and very pretty. I look forward to starting on it tomorrow!

This afternoon, I worked on my spiral knit tube sock. I managed to finish it early this evening. It doesn't look like much on the footstool.

It looks much better on a foot!

These are way too thick for wearing with shoes, but they'll be great for wearing around the house on a cold winter night. The next sock is started, so I will have a complete pair soon!

The pattern for these worsted weight socks can be found here: