Thursday, September 10, 2020

Things will be slow for a while...

Dave took me to the hospital Monday afternoon. I have a burst appendix. The inflammation is too great for them to do surgery right now, so I'm on antibiotics and pain killers for two weeks when I go back for an evaluation. It may take four to six weeks for the surgery to take place. 

I'm not sure how much I'll be up to doing. If I do manage to tat anything, I'll be sure to let you know!

Thursday, September 3, 2020


 I know I look like a slacker since I haven't been blogging, but I have been busy!

I worked on test tatting a new Ice Drop pattern for Lynne Urwin this week. As you can see, I really messed up! I hope to give it another try this weekend.

Since I had thread on my shuttle, I decided to start Curds & Whey from Tatting with Visual Patterns by Mary Konior. I love this pattern!

When sorting out my tatting bag, I found this Ice Drop almost finished. I really have no idea how long I've been carrying it around. At least it's finished now!

I've been busy making lavender eye pillows.

I've decided that the proceeds will benefit the Grant Park Drama Club. They're badly in need of new stage curtains. I sure do hope the kids get to put on a play this year!

Sunday, August 30, 2020


 I'm finally feeling like I'm accomplishing something!

Granddaughter Eva requested some new face masks, and I made her six this weekend: 2 green/blue, 2 green/yellow, and 2 blue/yellow. I decided to make a slightly different style this time, using a box pleat instead of three regular pleats. I found it much easier to finish, and Eva likes the look. I think I may make a few with box pleats to wear to school!

I also finished the pillowcases for my lavender eye pillows, something I really thought I'd finish two weeks ago. Better late than never!

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Yes, I've been tatting...

I just don't seem to have accomplished much!

I'm working on a cross bookmark for my friend Irene. I had it about half done when I realized I'd forgotten a ring and chain section at the beginning of the second arm. I'm working in size 40 thread, and I could have untatted it all, but I didn't. I snipped it off and started over!

I'm still working on round 5 of Tat-a-Renda's Harmony doily. This round is so simple, but I keep mixing myself up!

I'm also test tatting an Ice Drop pattern for Lynne Urwin. I would have it finished, but I have lost my place in the pattern several times... not Lynne's fault. I just got distracted! Sometimes it doesn't pay to try and do two things at once!

Monday, August 24, 2020

School colors

Granddaughter Eva started her college classes today. Her school colors are blue and gold, and she requested some face masks. Those are cut out and ready for sewing, but I decided to start with tissue holders. They're fast and easy to make, and I'm sure she'll need a tissue every once in a while!

Sunday, August 23, 2020

The mad monk

Last week pretty much got away from me. The start of the school year is like that, and I'm in a different role this year... something new to try out!

Friday afternoon I finished the pillowcases for my lavender eye pillows, or so I thought! Apparently, I've lost my ability to count. I only made one pillowcase for each pillow, and I had promised two. I did get the new batch of pillowcases cut out, but that's as far as it goes.

On Saturday, Mom and I did laundry, delivered produce from the garden to daughter Carol, went to JoAnn Fabrics for three yards of muslin, and then ate lunch with Carol. Whew!

When we got home, Mom took a nap and I helped Dave freeze green beans. There just was no energy left for any kind of crafting.

My brother David came to visit today. He arrived late morning, and we had quiche for brunch. I am really enjoying making and eating quiche again. I can't imagine why I stopped making it years ago. I guess it was no longer the trendy thing to make.

I finally got around to a little crafting after dinner tonight. I had forgotten to make Carol's mask with the mad monk, Rasputin. I'll deliver it tomorrow, and then she can spin her tale of how she was born on the steppes of Russia. It's a long story, and totally fictional!

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Sewing in the dark

Today was a great first day of school! Most of the kids seemed happy to be back, and everything went very smoothly.

With they hybrid model our school district is using, I'm able to get home by about 12:30. Mom and I had a quick lunch, and then we headed to Kankakee so that she could register to vote. That also went smoothly, and then we hit a rough patch... a really rough patch! I was trying to show Mom around the area and I wound up driving through two slow areas of road construction (slow by small town standards) and a long stretch of country road that was being re-graveled. My car was a dusty mess!

Mom and I chose to drive to a car wash and then do some grocery shopping. By the time all was said and done, it was almost time to start supper. I did a little sewing, but not much.

After dinner, Mom and I sat on the porch for a while, just enjoying the sounds of the cicadas and the traffic going by. When we went in, I decided to finish the first part of sewing my lavender eye pillow pillowcases. Tomorrow, I plan to zig zag, trim corners, turn, and press. Then they'll be ready for delivery!