Monday, March 18, 2019

Slipping stitches

I was admiring my progress on my TOS shawl this morning when I noticed a missed slip stitch. I remember when I did it. I found one when I finished the row and I corrected it. I looked at the rest of the row and didn't see any mistakes.

Guess what? There were two missed slip stitches! I know it was getting late when I found the one mistake. Lesson learned... I should have set my knitting aside and rechecked it in the morning. Now I have to decide if I'm going to rip out and fix or just leave it be.

I was called in to sub again today, so I only managed one Doodle Ice Drop. The shuttle is another beauty by Middy Clark of The Knotted Vine. I do love my shuttle collection!

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Where did the weekend go?

It certainly flew by quickly. I'm sure a big part of it was that I needed time to recuperate from a full week of subbing. I hope no one is out sick this week!

I was too tired to do anything on Friday, so I just browsed through some of my books. I called Denise on Saturday and we did some shopping. We only live a few miles from each other, but because our schedules are so different we don't actually do things together very often. It was nice to have a change of pace!

Daughter Joanne has been crocheting up a storm! I think the girls look adorable in their new sweaters, and Janko loves his new bunny.

Yesterday morning I saw a link on Facebook to the Tournament of Stitches Mystery Make-Along 2019. I was curious, so I headed on over to to find out what it was all about. I had not heard of Marly Bird before. I was in for a real treat! When Denise and I were out shopping, I found this beautiful yarn at Hobby Lobby. I thought it would be perfect for the asymmetrical shawl that is part of the TOS. While I love both the yarn and the pattern, they were not a good match.

This morning I went upstairs and raided my stash, something I probably should have done in the first place. I decided to use these two shades of Wool-Ease that I know I purchased eleven and a half years ago. The yarn was at a terrific price, and I think I purchased every color! Several years ago, daughter Joanne took enough home with her to make at least one afghan. I think I must have let her take all of my favorite colors. ;-) At any rate, these two colors are much better for showing off the stitches in the TOS, and I managed to knit as far as I did yesterday!

I had to tat one more Doodle Ice Drop in Green Ice in honor of St. Patrick's Day. The beautiful shuttle is from Middy Clark of The Knotted Vine.

Mother Nature decided to play a trick on us. This was our view out the back around 8 a.m.

...and this was our view around 2 p.m. March sure is a crazy month for weather!

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Work, work, work

It's been a busy week for subbing. I filled in for one of the part-time teachers every morning so far this week, and then I spent the afternoon doing my supervisory job at the high school. She has three boys in school, and they took turns with the flu. I'm very happy to help out, but I'm hoping they don't need me to sub tomorrow morning. I'm just about worn out!

I've now finished with four skeins of Mandala Griffin for daughter Alison's waffle stitch afghan. I made this one 180 stitches wide. The ones I made for the grand children were 166 stitches wide. This one seems so much bigger!

My love of Doodle Ice Drops continues. These little cuties just seem to fly off my shuttles!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Thinking green

Back when I was in high school, there was a major snow storm in the Chicago area. Everything came to a stop, and we couldn't wait for Spring. It seemed that everyone was saying, "Think green!" in anticipation of warmer weather.

I was thinking of that winter and of the contests on the radio as I tatted today's Doodle Ice Drop with my new shuttle from Middy Clark of The Knotted Vine. My sister Janet entered a radio contest. Winning the contest meant listening to the radio, waiting for your name to be announced, and calling the radio station within a specified time limit. We were at home working on sewing dresses, Mom's way of keeping us from going stir crazy. Mom must have needed a break from the constant noise of the radio, because we had to turn it off for a while. When Mom let us turn on the radio again, we heard the dj say that Janet Green hadn't called in, so another name was chosen. We were thrilled to hear Janet's name on the radio, even though she didn't win the contest. That was big excitement for 1967!

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Just for me

You might think I'd had enough of St. Patrick's Day themed Ice Drops, but I haven't. I decided I would tat some just for me. I'm pretty sure they'll all wind up as gifts to someone else, but for now I am enjoying tatting just for me!

Monday, March 11, 2019

Back to work!

Drama club took over my life for the last several days, and I loved it!

The cast of Mamma Mia! did a fantastic job! All three performances were outstanding, and it seemed to me that there was record attendance at each performance.

While tatting was not my priority over the weekend, I did manage to finish a couple of Ice Drops.

I mailed off all of the St. Patrick's Day themed Ice Drops to Mom today. I'm sure she and her lunch bunch will love them!

My shuttle collection increased over the past week... surprise! These pretties are from Middy Clark of The Knotted Vine. Aren't they gorgeous?

I'm very happy with my new goodies from Grizzly Mountain Arts: one pyrography doodle art shuttle, and two picot hooks (fine crochet hooks set into wood handles). Dave has another shuttle listed that I am really tempted to purchase, but I'm going to wait a day or two to give someone else a chance at owning one of these beauties!

My newest Lorraine Kolasa shuttle arrived from Tatting Corner. This one is textured with no pick. I only have one left to order to have a complete set! That will happen after I make sure I have all my bills paid.

I finally finished my Wortham scarf from Sequence Knitting by Cecelia Campochiaro. There are many mistakes in this scarf. If I saw the mistake within two rows I fixed it, but there were several mistakes I didn't see for a dozen or more rows. Those stayed!

Daughter Joanne has decided to pick up her crochet hook again. She's found that spending time crocheting helps with her writing process. Sophia is modeling her new sweater. Aren't they cute? I mean Sophia and the sweater! ;-)

Janko loves his new bunny blanket toy. Joanne had fun making it, so the girls will each get one too!

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Busy week

It's play week again. This time is for the high school production of Mamma Mia! While I'm not directly involved in the production, I do help my daughter out in any way I can. Along with all the excitement of play week comes fatigue, both mental and physical. We love it!

I used my second brass shuttle from Lorraine Kolasa to tat another St. Patrick's Day Doodle Ice Drop.  This one has a smooth finish and no pick. I thought the finish might be too slick, but I was wrong. The finish is fabulous, and I had no trouble holding on to the shuttle. I have another one coming from Tatting Corner that should arrive tomorrow. Shuttle collecting is fun!