Thursday, October 17, 2019

Needle and thread

Today I was in the mood to practice needle lace. All it takes is a needle and thread.

I'm still making lots of mistakes, but I'm learning. The yellow flower only has four petals because I snipped a thread when I shouldn't have. Rather than be discouraged, I started another flower in red.

This is my best effort so far. There are still mistakes, but I can tell I'm improving.

Feeling confident, I started a fourth flower. Once again, I goofed. I skipped the second loop, so there wasn't a place for the fifth petal. Oh, well. Maybe the next one will be better!

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Chill in the air

It finally feels like fall! The mornings have been decidedly chilly, and I love it!

It was a busy day at school, but I managed to find time to finish another Curds & Whey bookmark.

I also managed to finish the white and green Ice Drop today. The other two were tucked in my bag, forgotten over the past few days. Oops! I snuck a colored one in there... so much for tatting only white Ice Drops for the month of October!

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Working on Lagniappe

I finally finished adding motifs to the points on Lagniappe, and I'm ready to start with the blue!

Monday, October 14, 2019

Motif #2

Hmmm... I wonder what happened to yesterday and today? I have no idea! I do know that it took me yesterday and today to tat Motif #2 from DMC Festive Tatting. I didn't really care for the motif based on the picture in the book, but I'm glad I took the time to tat it. It really is very pretty!

Saturday, October 12, 2019

October Tollway Tatters

We had a beautiful day for our Tollway Tatters meeting!

Sue Anna and Marilee are always a cheerful presence!

Sue Anna was working on one of Marilee's patterns. I think the thread color is Blue River Glades.

You may have seen Marilee's post on her blog or on Facebook about the grape earrings she's tatting from an Italian magazine. Marilee's pictures are wonderful, but seeing her beautiful tatting in person shows how talented she really is.

Marilee brought along her milkweed pods for us to see. They are incredible! The pattern is available in her Etsy shop.

Barbara brought along her new Japanese tatting book.

She loves Celtic motifs, and found one in the book that she just had to tat!

Nancy was our only needle tatter today.

She's working on an adorable pumpkin pattern. I like the way she has her finished pumpkin stored on the ball of thread!

Victoria Ong was able to join us again today. Victoria is a very talented Turkish oya needle lace designer and teacher. Denise and I took a class with Victoria about a year and a half ago. I've picked it up from time to time, but I wasn't getting anywhere. I was inspired to pick up my needle lace again after watching Victoria work her magic at our last Tollway Tatters meeting. She has a new book out, and she graciously signed my copy!

Victoria made this beautiful flower today with some of Marilee's hand-dyed thread.

Victoria sat next to me and gave me some tips to improve my lace. She also showed me how to identify my mistakes and fix them. The piece on the left is what I worked on this week. I knew it wasn't done correctly, but I couldn't see what I was doing wrong. The two green pieces are what I worked on today. There are mistakes, which is why they aren't finished, but I can see a great improvement already! Thank you, Victoria!

I finished tatting a Curds & Whey bookmark in size 10 Lizbeth Blue Ice today. I also started another in size 10 Lizbeth Wedgewood Blue Dk.

After dinner, I finished my Blue Ice bookmark. I now have eleven completed. I think I might reach my goal of 24 in time for Christmas in the Village!

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Festive Tatting

I didn't get much done today, but I did finish Motif #1 from DMC Festive Tatting. I love my new shuttle from Lorraine Kolasa. I feel very elegant tatting with a silver shuttle!

For those of you who have shown interest in my bookmark sleeves, Lisa Adams is now carrying them in packs of 10 at Tatting Corner! I know that many of you are not interested in purchasing 50 or 100 sleeves as I did, but a pack of 10 seems like a good starting place. Lisa asked to use one of my photos for her web site, so I am now famous... at least if you visit Tatting Corner!

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Helping out

I helped out with play practice again tonight. Since I don't attend all practices, I think I get a better feel of how far the kids have progressed. They have five full cast practices before opening night. I think Shrek Jr. is going to be great fun!

It's been a while since I've participated in Georgia Seitz's Online Tatting Class. When I saw this week's lesson, I knew I had to give it a try. The butterflies are tatted in size 80, and the rest of the snowflake is in size 20. I can hardly wait to see next week's snowflake!

Again, it took me two days to finish a Curds & Whey bookmark. There are a couple of glaring mistakes in this one, glaring to a seasoned tatter. I missed one join and joined in the wrong place on another pattern repeat. It's still a pretty bookmark, and I don't mind keeping this one for myself!