Monday, December 4, 2023

Crankin' away!

My brother came down to visit yesterday morning, and while we were visiting I managed to crank out nine gnomes! 

I'm having fun choosing beard styles for each gnome. Somehow, grandson Aidan didn't get a gnome at Thanksgiving. This guy will be headed his way today.

The white beards seem perfect for the red bodies. The yarn is nice and plush, just as a Santa beard should be.

I decided to play with bead color for the nose. The light green makes me think this guy may have had a little too much creme de menthe!

I did not play with my sock machine yesterday. Dave is going to help me level it, which I understand is important for proper use of the machine. He was at his sister's helping with Christmas decorations. I sure hope he gets home early from work today!

Sunday, December 3, 2023

An exciting Saturday!


Saturday was spent finishing gnomes that I had cranked out earlier in the week.

Dave didn't care for this one. I think he's adorable! I do need to play around with his beard a little, though.

Green is not a typical color for a beard, but I figure there must be some gnomes somewhere that have gotten a bit mossy from spending so much time outside.

I may have to go buy another skein of white yarn. It's perfect for Santa beards.

As for the excitement, my Erlbacher sock machine arrived Friday night! It was after 6 and quite dark when our UPS driver arrived. I felt bad for him. He still had 30 more stops! Another UPS driver showed up to help him out. It was too dark for me to work on something as important as my sock machine, so I patiently waited until we had some daylight on Saturday morning.

I haven't been this nervously excited about something since I received my Saori loom back in 2014! I was so afraid I was going to break something. I watched and rewatched videos for every step of the way. I started about 9 in the morning, and I think I didn't finish setting it up until around 3 in the afternoon. No, it was not difficult. I was just very concerned that I was going to break something before I ever tried it out! 

I'd like to use it in our sun room, which is quite crowded right now. Mom and I have been having so much fun cranking on our Addi and Sentro machines, it looks like a knitting workshop out there! I think I have the perfect spot for my sock machine, but I'll need to put a few things away today. I also need Dave to find a board to level the table since our sun room floor slopes away from the house (it was originally our back deck). 

I know I'll be watching lots of videos today. Who knows? Maybe I'll even manage to crank something on my new sock machine!

Saturday, December 2, 2023

Two more!


I feel like I'm in Santa mode since I've now made several gnomes with white beards!

This one is my favorite so far. I love the red and purple together. He went to a friend who has been home sick this week. She loves it. I may have to make another for myself!

Friday, December 1, 2023

Just one


I only finished one gnome yesterday, but isn't he a cutie? I spent time cranking out bodies and hats yesterday morning, so I have plenty to work with. What I really need is to stop getting distracted!

Thursday, November 30, 2023

Green and red and white


Christmas colors ruled today... no pinks or purples or shades of green and red today.

My list of gnome recipients is growing, but my favorite came last night from my sister's granddaughter. 

Janet bought a couple of gnomes a year or two ago because she liked the one Mom has on her bed. His name is Fred. Janet's grandchildren were creeped out by the gnomes since there are no eyes. Janet took a gnome home with her when she visited before Thanksgiving, and Abby liked it. So when Janet came to visit after Thanksgiving, she took a gnome home for Abby.

Last night, Abby sent me a picture of herself with her gnome and asked if I would make her another one that's not in Christmas colors... one that she can keep out year round! My next step will be to have Abby crank out her own gnome the next time she comes to visit.

Daughter Carol requested a loaf of bread for her AP Euro class today. They're studying the French Revolution. She asked if I would make French bread, but I put my bread book someplace safe for Thanksgiving. There wasn't time to look for it and get the bread made, so plain bread it is. I think the kids will be okay with that. After all, it's free food for them!

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Two gnome day

Yesterday was very busy with a doctor appointment and work, but I still managed to crank out some gnomes in the morning and put a couple together in the afternoon and evening.

Dave said that he doesn't like the scruffy look, so these two were carefully groomed. The kids at school have told me that I should give one with a grey beard ponytail to one of our p.e. teachers. He just might get one!

It's kind of fun making the braided beards, but I still haven't perfected my technique.

I have four more gnomes cranked and ready for finishing. There are so many people I'd like to give them to this year!

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Full house

We had a full house for Thanksgiving. All four of our daughters and their families were here for a total of 18.

I did make some more gnomes during the week.

I had to make sure I had plenty for everyone to take one home.

Janko wanted his gnome to look really scruffy. He didn't want his beard trimmed at all!

Sophia wanted a red and white gnome. Doesn't he look all ready for Christmas?

There were enough gnomes for everyone who wanted one. Now I need to get cranking and making gnomes for friends.

I didn't want anyone to get bored, so I had wooden ornaments and acrylic markers on hand for some coloring fun.

Creative juices were really flowing around here!

After Thanksgiving dinner, Dave went out to the fire pit with all the kids and grandkids. They spent a long time out there singing every Christmas song they could think of. It was too cold for me, so I stayed inside and relaxed. 

After everyone left, we began Christmas decorating inside. Dave did most of the work, because I caught his bug and pretty much slept the day away on Sunday.

While they were here, daughter Andrea cranked out a gnome. We meant to finish it before the family headed back to Minnesota, but we forgot. I finished him last night. To quote Andrea, "What a handsome fella!"