Sunday, July 1, 2018

Out of excuses

For the past five weeks, I've had plenty of excuses for setting aside my tatting, crocheting, weaving, sewing, and knitting. After all, I had grandchildren to play with! However, my excuses went back to Minnesota today. It's been very quiet and a little lonely around here today, but I can't be too sad. I get to see them again at the end of the month when I attend the Twin Cities Tatters retreat!

Papa got a little bit of quality time in with the grandkids before they left.

He has a magic iPad. When he opens it up, the kids come running!

It was a little bit tricky for him to answer emails, but I think he was okay with it.

June was a sad month for Ice Drops. I only managed to tat 12. I'll try to do better in July!

Janko's Christmas present is coming along pretty well. When this afghan is finished, I will have three Christmas presents done. I like getting started early!

I set aside Renulek's Wiosna 2018 for too long. I no longer had this round committed to memory. I did manage a few pattern repeats, though!

I finished the snail from Wally Sosa's Itty Bitty Zoo book. I only have one pattern left to test tat, and I'm hoping to start that tonight so that I can finish it tomorrow. Please don't go by my picture. I don't have the Beaded Twist & Fold Picot down, so my eyes aren't correct on this. I'm hoping that there is someone at Tat Days this weekend who can show me how to do this. The snail is so cute! He deserves to have proper eyes!

Wally's ebook will be available the end of this week, with a printed copy available at the end of the month.

Dave needed to do some shopping in Kankakee this afternoon. The cushion for our porch swing was ruined several years ago, and I could never find one that I liked. I really didn't like the last one. I felt like I hit the jackpot when I saw this blue one! I think I'll go out and sit on my swing for a little while before starting dinner. That pretty blue cushion is calling me!


  1. The house must seem very quiet. Your snail’s beads are horns or whatever you call those protuberances on top of a snail’s head!

  2. Wow! Looks like you have been super busy!!! :)
    All of your projects look fantastic!!! :)

  3. Well Diane you have certainly made up, and passed the time you spent with your grandchildren. How many items have you tatted and that's not including three Christmas presents in less than a week. It is only July here! Of course we are still experiencing this heatwave, so it takes us all our time to sleep and eat, let alone do any craft work. Especially love your blue cushion, and of course, it needs using!

  4. Of course you like that cushion - it's blue!

  5. Love the pictures and that blue is beautiful...enjoy!

  6. Now for the rest in the peace and quite, beatiful blue seat now I hope you enjoyed your sit before dinner.

  7. Always amazed at how much you accomplish. The snail is really cute! Does the Granny Square afghan pattern come with the Mandala yarn? The color changes work out perfectly!


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