Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tatting Indulgence

I've done it again... I've been way to nice to me! And I don't even have a birthday or new job to celebrate! Yesterday I received a shipment of the new Lizbeth threads from Handy Hands. No, I didn't need another ball of thread. I have more shuttles than I can possibly use, and I need another tatting book like a hole in the head, but I did indulge!

On the lower right you can see that I started Design 7 from Christel Wiedmann's book last night in Lizbeth color #680. I love the colors available in this thread! It's a bit twisty, so I had to drop my shuttle several times when winding it and while tatting, but that's a sacrifice I can make in order to use the colors I want.

I love the new Sew-Mate shuttle colors, and of course I had to try the ones without the pic tips! I've been wanting Ben Fikkert's book for quite a while... the other two I bought on a whim.

Years ago I had a country style wooden pig on a block that I kept in my kitchen. It was supposed to remind me that I had a Problem with Instant Gratification... P.I.G. The idea was that I'd stay on the straight and narrow and eat healthy food at appropriate times to maintain a healthy weight. It didn't work in the kitchen. I wonder if it would work if I put that little pig near my computer or my tatting supplies? Naah!


  1. That's a super addition to your miniscule stash!
    We are of course all green with envy!
    Happy tatting. Isn't life fun when you tat!

  2. ooooh Can't wait until I have another "pay day". LOL I indulged in HDT this month; from both Yarnplayer and LadyShuttlemaker. I realy want one of the new color Sew Mate. I have the purple and the lime.
    And, YES Tatskool, Life is not only more fun when you tat, it is something to look forward to each morning.
    X BJ

  3. And something to look forward to each morning IS life!!
    I am busy playing with dyeing more HDT today to make life even more fun.
    It's the cream on the tatting isn't it!

  4. LOLLLLL Handy hands is a dangerous site to go browsing at!!! LOLLL Last time I ended up with some more books some more shuttles and I got some of the large tatsy ones just to know what they are like and to have on hand! OH and a antique replica metal one too! LOL
    Have fun with your new stash!

  5. If anyone deserves to be spoiled it is you! I think you might be able to start you own little tatting museum soon....

  6. I agree with all the comments re tatting and Handy Hands. The only way to stop this gratification is to stay UNconnected. In this world - fat chance.

  7. WOAH! How did I miss this post? What a fab addition to your already "tiny" stash. LOL! I love Handy Hands Tatting, too! Those threads look wonderful. Those are some great books that you got!


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