Monday, March 7, 2011

Calling all bling buddies!

I went craft shopping today, something I haven't done in a long time... well, at least not on the level of today's excursion! I printed out and clipped coupons, hit JoAnn Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, and Michaels... whew!

I bought half price shuttles at JoAnn's, discounted thread at Hobby Lobby, and "jewels" at Michaels. I also found this amazing stuff... adhesive paper! It was $6 for 60 sheets, a little pricey, but it's adhesive! I decided to try it for blinging shuttles. Let me tell you, ladies and gents, I'm in love with this amazing paper! It sticks beautifully! I tried Marty's suggestion and used curved-tip scissors to trim the paper... great idea, Marty! I'm still using the Mod Podge and glitter nail polish, so the shuttles aren't ready for their debut just yet, but I promise to post pictures soon!

Now, the reason for this all-call... there's no way I'll ever use all of this paper. Each strip is enough to cover the front and back of two shuttles. That's 120 shuttles! I'm afraid I can't afford to buy that many shuttles just to bling them. So, if you have any interest in blinging shuttles, send me your mailing info, and I'll send you enough paper for two shuttles. You've got to try this stuff!

Oops! I guess I'd better give my email address... DianeCademartori at gmail dot com


  1. I would love to try some!!
    You have recently added some beautiful shuttles to your collection--now to get a bigger display case :)

  2. What interesting find, Diane! I would love to try that adhesive paper edging too!

    P.S. I've been silently drooling over your bling shuttles! And those that you got off Etsy...

  3. Oh Diane,,,sure sounds like F*U*N!!!

    I have to agree with Valerie!!! ME TOO!!!

  4. I would love to try a little please, if you have enough, if not that is alright too :) you should still have my addy, if not, email me hun

  5. Looks like *really* awesome paper!

  6. Diane you are so generous to share your adhesive paper with us. I sure would love to have some to "bling" up a couple shuttles. Many thanks! I think you have my addrss.

  7. Diane - I would love to try this paper! It sounds perfect for blinging shuttles :)

  8. Yes, please. may I try some? Send you an email now.

  9. Oooo..I would love to try some. Please Please may I have a sheet!!! You are just so generous!!! Will email my address. I just love bling!!!!

  10. Ola! querida amiga Diane
    Vim te desejar um dia sem igual, repleto de carinho, mimos e amor.
    pelo dia das MULHERES.
    AH! E DIZER QUE NO MEU BLOG TEM UM Meme literário para voce responder é só ir lá pegar.

  11. Oh yes please i'd love to have a go at blinging some of my shuttles. You have my address. these papers look fab can't wait to see what you have done with them.


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