Thursday, March 24, 2011

Too much fun!

My friend Denise, Lace Rn, and I don't get to actually get together very often, even though we only live about 5 minutes away from each other. I'm a teacher, and she's an emergency room nurse. I work 8-3:30, Monday through Friday. She works 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. whenever she is scheduled. We talk on the phone almost every day, but we're lucky to actually see each other a few times a year! Tuesday was one of those lucky days!

Back when I first started blinging shuttles, Denise was able to come over one day, and we played around. I think we blinged half a dozen shuttles, and we were thrilled! This time, we got carried away, and between the two of us, we must have decorated two dozen shuttles!

I had so much fun arranging the shuttles into flowers. Spring must be in the air! I just can't part with this group. I think I'll be selfish and keep all of them for myself!

These three shuttles were decorated with fabric from Bree,

and these three shuttles were decorated with paper from Marty. I'm saving them for future giveaways on my blog. The pictures are terrible, but the shuttles are beautiful!

I really love the way the black and white paper shows up on these Clovers! Sorry, everyone... these are all mine! However, if you'd like some black and white paper, I still have a ton of it left! Just send me your mailing info.

This batch is going with me to the lace event in Lafayette, Indiana, in April. Denise and I are so excited about going! Who knows, if you come up to me and tell me you read my blog, you just might walk away with your favorite!

Denise found these adorable little frog containers at the dollar store. They're filled with a skein of HDT and a blinged shuttle. Tatters will be able to find them on the raffle table in Lafayette.

Yes, we prepared more raffle items! Denise filled these adorable little chests with Lizbeth thread and Sew Mate shuttles. The colors of all the items coordinate!

I found these little chests at Hobby Lobby. They have thread, EZ bobs, and blinged shuttles inside.

Last, but not least, Denise and I put together shuttle blinging kits! Each kit has a shuttle, an assortment of paper, and gems.

I suppose we went a little crazy, but we had so much fun! Hope to see you in Lafayette!

Oh, and Geraldine... we ate most of the chocolate you sent... it was scrumptious!


  1. Its great when you can manage to get together with friends and yes you did have some fun. All you have shown looks great.

  2. Oh how I wish I could be at Lafayette! won't be happening this year. Sounds and looks like you two had a lot of fun :) the shuttles and everything look just lovely and hurray for those lucky enough to win a raffle!!!

  3. Isn't it fun, finding different containers to put tatting toys IN? I bought packets of playing cards at Christmas because they came in gorgeous dog and cat shaped cases - (the cards were shaped to match). I gave the cards to my grandchildren, and kept the cases!
    I wish I could be there, too, I would love to bid for your tatting kits and blinged shuttles!

  4. Wishing I could be a itty-bitty bee on the wall in Lafayette, to see the frenzy of blog readers swarming your blinged shuttles and biddable kits. They all look so adorable!

  5. You and Denise certainly had a ton of fun preparing all those lovely shuttles, boxes and kits. Indiana is way too far from Florida, but I sure wish I could be there. I know all that attend will have a lot of fun. Does any one know if there is such a fun tatting work shop in FL? Enjoy!

  6. Can't wait to see you again at the Lace Day! I will definately be putting tickets in your raffle item's containers!
    See ya there!

  7. So wish I could come to lafayette!!

    Those shuttles are so cool, Diane... Why not keep them for yourself?! You give away so much already... you deserve the 'me' time ;-)

  8. You're having too darn much fun! I love all the blinged shuttles though, they are gorgeous.

  9. Sounds like you had a fabulous day! Certainly, the results are!

  10. raffle table? I didn't hear about that !!!! Guessing on Saturday, right?

    I will have to twist DH's arm for Saturday drive!

    Thx for sharing, looked like you had a creative, fun day

  11. it looks like you had a super fun time :D

  12. glad you enjoyed the chocolate its one of the ones i eat a lot of. yum yum. love all the shuttles i wish i lived in u.s.a. and could get to your tat days. we have them here but not so much fun as yours.

  13. Oh how wonderful to get together with a dear friend and have such creative fun. Loving all the decorated shuttles, the kits and the gifts you have prepared. Smiles and Many Happy Get Togethers...

  14. Why oh why don't I live closer?!
    You are right - you are having too much fun without me!

  15. Looks like great fun. Wish that I could come for the raffle :)

  16. Can you forward me the info for the lace days? I would like to try and come. I yearn for some fellowship like this.


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