Sunday, November 23, 2014

Lucky mail day!

When I went to my mailbox yesterday, I found my newest shuttles from Monica Braxton, engraved with their new laser engraver. I think I love laser engraving!

I also received my magazine with the Jan Stawasz monster doily, which I think I'll start on New Year's Day. 

I crocheted two headbands/ear warmers this weekend. I'm not thrilled with the way either one turned out, but I'm sure someone will want them. :-)

I've also been working on Christmas stockings this weekend. Soon I'll get back to tatting!


  1. Lovely new shuttle, how nice to have your name put on it.
    My copy of Jan's magazine arrived at the begining of the week but I have no idea when I might be starting the doily.
    Hope someone will buy your head gear, looks lovely colours.
    Have a nice day

  2. Oh I love the lazer engravers the things I could do with one, I have to go pay someone the lazer on some I have made :)

  3. So when are you starting your Monster Doily?


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