Thursday, November 20, 2014

Skinny scarf

I made a scarf out of this beautiful Wool-Ease Chunky the other day, and there was quite a bit left over... enough to make a skinny scarf! This one is 30" x 4" and the color is Willow. I think this will be just the right size to keep the chill off my neck at school on bitterly cold days. 


  1. I've been admiring your scarves, especially the texture.
    I'm wondering what stitch you're using - seems more complex than normal double crochet.

  2. I to want to know like Kathy and also how many skeins of yard does it take for long scarf just wondering estimate if you could?

  3. Sounds as though the scarves are going to come in handy this winter. Yes, the texture is interesting.


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