Friday, June 13, 2008

Stashaholics Anonymous

I need to become a card carrying member of SA... or maybe start my own chapter! I started cleaning out my sewing closet on Wednesday, because I couldn't find my Addi lace knitting needles. I know I put them someplace very safe and secure! I realized that I have a whole lot of stuff that I'll never use. I found a baby blanket that I started when Alison was pregnant with Eva. Today is Eva's 6th birthday... I think I'm a little late!

Anyway, I started dividing all my goodies into bags... what a mess! I have a bag of quilt fabric that I'm going to give to my friend Nancy. Her third grade students make butterfly pillows every year after they finish their quilt unit. I have three bags of acrylic yarn that I'm going to give to my friend Marilynn. She knits beautifully and is allergic to wool... can't even knit with it! I've become a yarn snob and only like to knit with fingering or lace weight wool. I force myself to knit with cotton so I can have the dishcloths I love to use. We'll have a new home ec teacher next fall, right out of college. I met her yesterday, and she said she would love to have some supplies to play with... I've set aside four bags of fabric and three paper bags of old patterns... some duplicates and I blush to say one triplicate! I have 3 bags of UFOs, one bag of yarn I just know I'll use some day, and a basket filled with enough flannel to make 32 baby blankets. I've started making the closet look neat, but the room is trashed!

TattingChic wanted to see my tatting supplies... well, some of them are on the two shelves you see close up. When I finish cleaning up this mess, I'll share prettier pictures. Of course, now that I'm in the middle of this major project, all I want to do is tat!

By the way, I also have trash, er... stash in the guest bedroom closet, my closet, and my bedroom. Oh, and the knitting needles... haven't found them yet!


  1. Can I move in to your craft room? Just clear a little spot on the floor...I could live there forever.

  2. Diane, your porch looks so inviting. Can I come for a visit? P.S. I just finished the liturgical stole with your tatted crosses. I'll send pictures.

  3. Diane, I could help you clean up - and I don't mind getting paid in kind, say a ball of thread for each shelve cleared, or a shuttle for each box sorted out ... he..he..he..

    How long did it take you to accumulate all those?

  4. Sherry, come on over! I think I can squish a couple of bags together to make room...

    Mom, the porch would be more inviting if it were clean. We haven't gotten to that yet... Dave's been too busy, and I'm still using my bum arm as an excuse to get out of housework!

    Jon, I'd love to have your help! Believe me, at the exchange rate you're talking about, I'd still have plenty of "stuff" to work with! Let's see... Dave and I will be married 28 years in October, and I did bring some things into the marriage, so it's been a long time!

  5. Wow, what a tatting stash you have there! You are doing a lot of organizing! That is a lot of work, good for you. Hope you find the knitting needles.
    Oh, yeah, I like Jon's idea...I could help too, for thread and ...shuttles?
    Have fun with your Stash! Thanks for showing me!!!

  6. Wow, You have been busy, Diane. Way to go, Girlfriend. When your done I have a room you can help me with, also a closet, a basement, 3 or 4 or 5 tubs ........ HELP! Can I join your SA club?

  7. Haha! I see I'm not the only one with an uncontrollable stash habit. One of my closets is filled to bursting with craft stuff, plus all of the storage bins I have in the basement. But it's still not enough. I have to have more.

  8. TC - I have a couple of air mattresses... think of all the fun we could have stash-busting... I mean organizing!

    Bonnie - How far away do you live? I think I have a couple of free days this summer! ; )

    Steph - I find it very difficult to pass up a good deal... even when I have no idea how I'll use it! I do know that when everything's organized, I could probably open my own store!


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