Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tatted flower bookmark

My apologies to Sharon Briggs... I did not follow her directions carefully, so I did not practice using a paperclip to make a beginning picot. In fact, since I didn't read the directions until after I finished the bookmark (I just looked at the diagram), I really didn't make this the way Sharon intended at all! I will do it again, following Sharon's written directions, so that I can learn something new! I also changed the end of the bookmark... I don't make very nice tassels, so I tatted a little motif instead.

This is "Flower Bookmark" from Transitions in Tatting from Flat to Floral by Sharon Briggs. I highly recommend this book. Sharon has written wonderful directions and helps the tatter move smoothly from very simple tatted pieces to more complex pieces. No, I haven't tatted them all, but I can tell from reading the book that this is true!

The thread is "Meadow" colorway from Bre-Aly Threads, size 20. Isn't it strange that the photographed color looks so different from the scanned color? Pay attention to the photo for a better idea of the true color! I used one of my old-faithful Clover shuttles. Oooh... another piece completed for my personal challenge! Yipee!


  1. I think you book mark looks great. Isn't that great that we can just tweak a pattern to have it do something else that suits us as inidividual tatters. I think it's great.

  2. The Flower bookmark can be made using just chains so that it is a good beginning pattern for someone just learning. The paperclip gives a novice something to hold onto while tatting the chain for the mock ring and it holds the space at the beginning open so that it can be joined into later. You did the obvious thing and started with a ring which is perfect for someone who already knows how to tat. Both methods are right and the one you chose is the appropriate one for an experienced tatter.


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