Monday, December 8, 2008

Minitats #31

Christmas gifts await.
My list is great.
My wrist is sore.
I can knit no more!
What shall I do
To get out of this stew?
I'll tat!

Someone (was it Melissa?) posted about a beautiful Christmas ornament within the last two weeks. The top of the ornament was #31 from Minitats: 69 Petite Motifs by Patty Duff, and it had beautiful beaded strands dripping down from the tatting. It was fabulous! I looked the pattern up immediately and knew I could tat it quickly, but I'm in the middle of a major knitting project! Yesterday afternoon, I just couldn't knit any more, so I pulled my book off the shelf, grabbed the first loaded shuttle I had and went to work!

Ta da! Here is Motif #31 in size 20 Lizbeth from Handy Hands, color #651.


  1. Cute, very cute! You are going to have your little tree adorned in no time at the rate you are going! :)

  2. Did you write the poem, too? So cute!

  3. Yup it was me! LOL That motif is so cute I just love clovers! I have to make one of those for my tree too so far it's waiting on my tree until I give it to Wendy and I must say it looks perfect there! LOL My tree will protest when it's gone!

  4. The tatting looks so pretty. But please be careful about that sore wrist, I can assure you it is no fun having one.

  5. I just got Patty Duff's book and am ready to tat some cute little motifs. Yours are lovely, thanks for sharing. Hugs, Linda

  6. I don't suppose anyone wants to sell their copy of "Minitats?" I'd LOVE to try some of the beautiful little designs in this book, but it's out of print and absolutely nowhere to be found. :(


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