Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Revisiting an old friend... Learn-to-Knit Afghan Book by Barbara Walker. I was inspired to look up this old friend when I found The Walker Treasury Project. Don't ask me how I found it... it was just one of those one-link-leads-to-another moments!

Yes, I do own two copies of the book. My original was purchased in 1974 for $3.95 after I read a book review in the Chicago Tribune. I did knit quite a few blocks from this book, but never finished an afghan. In 1997, the book was re-published by Schoolhouse Press. I looked everywhere for my original and couldn't find it, so I ordered a new copy. Of course, I found the original shortly after receiving my new copy! Anyway, I have quite a stash of yarn that I'd like to use up. So, I pulled the book off the shelf yesterday and grabbed the first two skeins of yarn I found. I don't have enough Red Heart Designer Sport to make a full-sized afghan, but I probably have enough to make a lap throw. Besides, it'll be fun to see how many blocks I can make out of the yarn I have!

We had a wonderful holiday and saw all of our grandchildren. Eva wore my dad's Santa hat and passed out the presents Christmas morning.

Aidan also wore a Santa hat, but he was more interested in opening presents and playing with them than in passing them out!

The day after Christmas, we traveled to Minnesota so Grandma could get snuggles from her little girls in the north!

We're safely back home now. Dave's working on "The Project" aka my Christmas present, and I am still knitting on his afghan. I really need to take a tatting break, though. I'm convinced that lack of tatting is very hard on my arm! It's hard to believe that I slipped on the ice a year ago yesterday, and had surgery a year ago today. The time sure does fly by! I won't say I'm back to normal, because I'm not sure I was every normal to begin with! I am happy that I can tat, knit, crochet, etc. whenever I feel like it!


  1. Hi Diane! Happy New Year! Glad to see you're back and had a good time over the Christmas holiday. I'm going to look up that book. Learning to knit is my ONE New Year's resolution for 2009. It should be an easy one to keep -- for once.

  2. Welcome to the lovely world of being 'un-normal'.
    From one who is proud to be un-normal!!!!

  3. Happy New Year Diane, lovely post and photos, lovely grandchildren, thanks for sharing.

  4. Какая Вы молодец ! И детишки Ваши красивые !


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