Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Myra Piper 5 Petal Motif

Isn't this a pretty little motif? I think it would look better in a solid color, maybe even two colors. The design seems a little lost in the color change. Still, I like this one a lot! It's motif No. 12 from Tatting by Myra Piper. The thread is Altin Basak #3002, size 50. The motif measures about 2 1/2" across.

I'll have to play around with this one. I think it would be really pretty as the center of a doily!


  1. YES! Design the doily -- I'll test your pattern for you. I like doilies!

  2. This motif cries out for two colors. Either 2 solids, or a subtle variegated for the ball thread and a contrasting solid on the shuttle. I think different colors would really make the design "pop".

  3. I love the shape of this little motif.

    I just posted #4, from the same book on InTatters. I was disappointed with the look of it in two-colour Lisbeth, #20.

    It's a great booklet for small motifs isn't it?

  4. Beautiful! I like the color of thread that you used. Where do you get your Altin Basak? I've been looking all over for some.


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