Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tatting with Anchor

I finally have a day to do something I enjoy! This morning I wound this lovely peach thread that Snowy sent to me and made a bookmark for myself. It's Anchor #6, and it was wonderful to work with! The pattern is No. 4 from Myra Piper's Tatting. The one chain is too small. I think I must have tatted it more tightly than the others. I didn't notice the difference in chain length until I laid the bookmark out for scanning. Oh, well. It's pretty, and I will love using this bookmark!

I'm headed off for a mid-morning snack, and then I get to work on my bobbin lace!


  1. It's beautiful. We are our own worst critics. If you don't point out the mistakes or errors, probably no one would notice. I love your work. You choose some lovely thread to go along with the patterns. You must like this book, you have made so many things out of it and they all are lovely.
    Hugs, Linda


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