Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Opposites attract

...or so they say! In this case, I think it's true! I really liked the red bookworm, but the multi-colored thread seemed lost. I think putting the solid on the inside and the multi-colored on the outside makes him so much more interesting!

I'm still learning, of course. Rosemary Shepherd says to keep your eyes on the lace and your hands on the bobbins. About half-way through this little guy, I took my eyes off the lace... the result... a twisted passive. I'm not quite sure where it happened, and it's not critical on a bookworm. However, if I want to work beautiful, complicated patterns in the future, I really need to get the basics down! I believe this is a legitimate excuse for making more bookworms! ; )

Hmmm... I just noticed a googly eye... another detail to watch for!

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  1. soon you can start a bookworm party! yay! practise makes perfect.


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