Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tatting in purple

I knew when I tatted this motif the last time that the color changes were not right for showing off Myra Piper's design. So, here it is in purple! The dark thread is Lizbeth No. 682, Country Grape dk. The lighter thread is Lizbeth No. 634, Violet/Pink Med.

I think I need to tat this one in white and green now... it will look just like the Star Jasmine that Dave puts out in our yard every year!

This makes #24 for the 25 Motif Challenge!


  1. You are right that really does show off the pattern, beautiful work.

  2. Stunning with this color combination. What are you doing with all these motifs????

  3. This one is so pretty! Maybe the Lisbeth in non-variegated is the way to go with these little motifs. I've got to find this one in the book and tat it as you did in two colours.

  4. Beautiful! Love the color it's in as well as the pattern. They look lovely together. :)


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