Saturday, May 2, 2009

Another Clover Leaf Design

That's the title Myra Piper gave to motif #18 in her book, Tatting. At the end of the pattern, Myra indicates that this pattern is from Woman's World Book of Plain and Fancy Needlework Magazine, 1920.

I tatted this design in Yarnplayer's Weathered Stone. I have very little left of this skein, probably not enough to make anything. Never fear, though... I believe I have two more skeins!

Oops! I just noticed... my picture of this motif is upside down, compared to the one in Myra's book. Oh, well!


  1. all of those little motifs are really fun, I just ordered the book!

  2. Love the thread colour and the motifs are cute also.

  3. Very pretty! It's always so fun (and kind of reassuring in a way) to see that I am not the only one who tats just to tat sometimes.

  4. Another pretty motif and the thread is gorgeous.


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