Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Checking in...

Remember my pretty beaded shoes? Well, I let daughter Alison try them on when she came to visit for Mother's Day. They fit her perfectly! No wonder they didn't fit me... Alison wears size 9. I wear 7 1/2. No amount of shrinking would have made those pretty little shoes fit my feet! I did think it was worth a mother/daughter Kodak moment. See?

Alison also took some time to try out my Cricket loom. She's a natural! So, I let her take it home with her. I guess that leaves me more time for tatting!

Yes, I've started another Spinning Wheel Glass Mat. I had to... I didn't have Jeff's directions on how to get started on the doily! I wouldn't have had the patience to count all those little holes around the edge. So I thank you, Jeff! That will probably be my next project. Oh, this one is Jungle Flower from Sherry Pence aka LadyShuttleMaker. The shuttles are from Grizzly Mountain Arts, and I love them for making this Spinning Wheel pattern... I can wind the entire skein of HDT onto the two shuttles and not have to join any threads! I love not having to add thread!


  1. diane, you gotta be voted the top fan of the spinning wheel glass mat! another beauty in the making... i just got my book so i'm going to try to tat one too.

  2. ...aaaaaand the shoes get to stay in the family! That is cute that they fit your daughter's feet!

    How sweet of you to let your daughter take the loom home with her.

    That Jungle Flower HDT is very pretty! I agree with Valerie, I think you are The Spinning Wheel Glass Mat's #1 Fan! :)

  3. You must be the perfect mum, I am sure Alison would agree. Another glass mat. I must be fan no 2 by now, they just turn out so well. I have another 2 finished in my new colours.
    For some unknown reason my blog refused to show up last night, republished it today and it still isn't showing! must be a jinx.

  4. Lucky Allison! I love those shoes! Your glass mat is looking lovely. Sherry creates the most amazing color combinations.

  5. I would have never noticed this pattern had it not been for you. I have the Mary Konoir book and I had to look thru the book twice before I found the pattern. It's too bad the book doesn't have a picture. I started tatting this last night in our tatting group. I'm tatting mine with Lisbeth thread (I forget what color) but it is going together very easily. Thanks for sharing your pictures, it helps me so much with the pattern....hugs, Linda

  6. Such a good mom... and your reward is LOTS of time for TATTING!

    I love the colours of your Spinning Wheel Glass.

    You inspired me, as well, to try this one. I am enjoying it, after the few false starts! Great pattern. : ) Foxupsking

  7. The shoes look great on your daughter! How sweet for you to share the loom. Sounds like the artistic talent is definately in the family!



  8. Fun photo of pretty shoes and feet! Oh, you have lots of happy days ahead working on such fun projects.

  9. Hi!

    WOW!!...beautiful tatting!!!...and I love those beaded shoes too. I have a pink pair that's all beads and sparkles. I feel like a princess when I wear them, which is not too often!

    Thanks so much for visiting my new blog, and for your lovely comment.
    Good luck with my giveaway!

    Paulette :o)

  10. Oh my. another spinning wheel. and another beautiful colour.

    Your doter must be happy to have receive a beautiful pair of shoes.

  11. Those spinning wheels are neat. I have always wanted to make one, but never got around to it. I am also jealous of the shoes. They would have been to small for me, but so cute.
    Thanks for the lovely comments on my Haunted house!!

  12. interesting choice of shuttles, how do they compare to our "normal" shuttles?


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