Saturday, May 2, 2009

Stumped by Stumpy!

Well, I guess that's a little misleading. I wasn't really stumped by the pattern ~ I'm more stumped by my inability to follow a simple pattern, and by my inability to see a mistake until I am completely finished! Where's the mistake, you ask? Why it sticks out like a sore thumb! I missed a join on the left side!

Luckily, this is a very simple pattern to follow, and I have lots more of this pretty Altin Basak thread (#3002, size 50). The pattern is "Stumpy Tatted Bookmark" by Kersti Anear.

Thank you for the beautiful pattern, Kersti! I will try and follow it correctly next time!


  1. My my are you fast or what! Nice color I must say, it reminds me of Sherry's spring poppies. :-) Keep up the good work Diane.

  2. well, laying down flat like that you can't see it. LOL! A simple fix is to take a needle with some of the same thread and just make a 1 thread tack and hide the ends. Easy-Peasy!

    Sometimes the easy patterns are also the easiest to miss something on. Now, I've got to go look at that pretty square motif in the post before this!

  3. Seriously, Diane, you wouldn't know if you didn't point it out! LOL! I had to enlarge the photo to even see it...even when I knew it was there because you told me! LOL!

    Yeah, just do what Gina said! That old needle-and-thread-tying-picots-together trick is what all tatters did before Mlle Riego came out with the picot join in 1851 or so! Go for it, LOL! ;)

    I actually have a piece of antique tatting that has the picot's tied together! I've got to see if I can find it so I can share it!

  4. Hey, question for you,. how long is that when done in the Altin Basak?

  5. Thanks, everyone! Krystle, the tatted part is 2 3/4". The bookmark is 5" with the fringe.

  6. It's good to show your mistakes as well as your accomplishments. It helps to know even accomplished tatters make mistakes. I like Ginas's idea about fixing the problem. I'll have to remember that one. When I first started tatting and reading diagrams, I tatted a whole motif and didn't make any joins in the right places. I never threw the piece away. I corrected my mistakes with the 2nd one I tatted but I sure learned from that one! Your Stumpy has great colors....hugs, Linda


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