Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tatting in green...

When I was visiting Alison and family earlier in the week, Aidan kept asking me what my favorite color is. It's blue, of course! I think Aidan was hoping I'd change my mind and say green, but I didn't. However, when I decided I wanted to tat another of this pretty little motif from Projects in Tatting by Sheila York, green just seemed to be the perfect color. Andrea's favorite color is green, and my maiden name is Green. I guess it was just meant to be!

...and now I have another pretty little coaster! For those of you who have told me you've had trouble finding them, here's the link:

Happy tatting!


  1. So beautiful, so very beautiful! The more I see your works, the more I find myself wondering if I should give it a try!? The truth is, that I heard the very first time in my life of tatting, when I found your blog 0.0

    And hehe, I have to admit.. yesterday, finally, I cought myself browsing pages like "How it´s done" and "Learn to tat" - I even didn´t have the slightest idea of what "tatting" could be in Finnish!! Well, now I know, and I certainly will give it a try :)

    I also found out, that in Finland it has been something they call "disappearing folklore" - but, that it lately, during the last couple of years, has slowly become popular again.. I know I got speechless! Wow!

  2. Hi Diane! I love that you have Carol intrigued by this strange thing we all do here!

    The green motif is very pretty and looks great in the coaster.

    I have just found the site - thanks for that. Might just give it a go!
    Fox : ))

  3. Nice tatting, Diane. Blue is my favorite color as well, but lately I'm finding myself becoming partcial to green too.

    And thank you for the link.

  4. That is a pretty green! It looks great in the coaster! I'm going to have to make me some of those! :) Thanks for the link! :)

  5. absolutely gorgeous green motif. looks very sturdy. love it.

  6. What a wonderful shade of green. I think the coasters are a great idea as they will bring tatting to every one's attention anytime you serve a beverage.

  7. This is such a pretty pattern. I would make one in every color!



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