Tuesday, May 3, 2011


There wasn't much in the mailbox today... just two packages!

I was a winner in Michelle's hankie giveaway, and along with this beautiful vintage hankie, I received a ball of Lily thread, some clear rings and a clip, a barrette to decorate, a piece of chocolate, and some tea... yum! Did you notice the bathing beauty card? That's exactly what I look like in my swimsuit! ; )

I also received two shuttles from The Shuttle Shop... a Winder Shuttle, and a Tatted Shuttle (my tatting encased in an acrylic shuttle). I love my new shuttles!

Have you checked your mailbox lately? : )


  1. My mailbox was sorta crabby today - only junk. (AARP, no less!)

    What a coincidence - I totally look like that in my bathing suit too!

    Love the goodies - and will love to see what you do with the hanky. I really want one of those tatted shuttles with my own tatting - fun!

  2. Oh, I did! I found three wonderful items!! Tatting thread, a tatting book, and a magazine.Yay!

  3. The winder shuttle makes me all little kid (I want it I want it!).... Same principal as the GR8? Or is it slightly better?? :) So jealous of your stash by the way & where did you get a picture of me at the beach???

  4. What a great mail day for you. The highlight of my day was getting a Hobby Lobby coupon on the back of my ATM slip!!

    Enjoy your new stash

  5. Funny you said that!! About checking your mail box. I just blogged about my special mail delivery!! Good to see we are keeping the postal service in business. :)

  6. *heavy.sigh* My mailbox contained two junk solicitations and several dust bunnies with their tails all in a ka-fuffle.

    Your goodies look grand! Postie ♥♥ rocks! Especially when winder and epoxy shuttles are involved.


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