Thursday, May 26, 2011

Very strange!

I'm a Mac user, and I've been using Safari as my browser for years with no problems. However, suddenly Safari and Blogger aren't playing together very well. I'm trying this to see if I can post using Firefox. Blogger is looking into the problem, so I'm not overly concerned. It is difficult to change surfing habits, though!

I've been reading all of the posts that show up in my Google Reader, but I haven't been able to post any comments. Please be assured that I am keeping up with what all of my Blog Buddies are doing!

I have one hanky left to mail. Most of them were mailed Tuesday or Wednesday. I hope you all have fun with them!


  1. I got this post and hope you get it straightened out soon

  2. I haven't had any trouble with blogger and IE9 after the first few days. They've been pretty good about working out the glitches. I just hated feeling so attached to the whole blog scene! I suspect I need a social life!

  3. I doubt it is your MAC, I post with Safari all the time; except when Blogger is acting up. Your blog came through! Sometimes it is just their system and not ours.
    xxx bj

  4. I'm glad I wasn't the only one with the problem Diane. I too had 3-4 days (or more?) where I couldn't use Blogger, post comments or sign in at all! I use Mac as well, so don't know if it had anything to do with it but I was relieved when everything returned to normal last night.


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