Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Denise went shopping!

...and surprised me with this adorable little Mary Engelbreit tin bucket and a ball of size 20 Lizbeth. The thread, Falling Leaves, matches the colors of the leaves on the bucket... too cute!

Her timing was great! I needed a little cheering up...

I was in my first car accident on Sunday. My poor little car! She's not even a year old, and we waited so long to get her... ten and a half years. Luckily, no one was hurt, and my car was the least damaged of the three. My Little Black Beauty will be home soon, hopefully as good as new!

I've finished two more purple snowflakes.

I'll keep tatting snowflakes until the end of October. I wonder what tatting binge will take hold next?


  1. Oh no! I'm glad you are okay! But, kudos for making it so long and only now having your first accident!! I've had a couple, some of which only involved my car. :o(
    Love the snowflakes though!!

  2. The tin and the thread sure do go well together!! :)
    Your snowflakes are awesome!! :)

  3. So glad no one was hurt in the accident! Your poor car. Well, I hope tatting will make you feel better.

  4. So sorry to hear about your car- thank goodness you are okay!!!

    I'm seriously loving those purple snowflakes!

  5. Glad to hear you did not get hurt in the accident. Cars can be fixed or replaced...even Black Beauty. Lovely gifts. Blissful Stitching...

  6. Oh no, sorry to hear about your accident. Glad you're ok and still tatting wonderful snowflakes!

  7. Oh no I hope your black beauty will come back as good as new, I am glad that you were not hurt.
    Lovely snowflakes, perhaps it will be angels next, as they were smiling on you Sunday, so you did not get hurt.


  8. thank goodness you are ok Diane but it's a shame about your car.

  9. Glad to hear you're OK. The rain seems to have been a factor?

    I don't have "Falling Leaves" yet. Seems like another excellent colorway!
    I'm afraid we may lose some of the brilliant leaves in the next few 'windy' days. I do love the Fall colors!

    Have you counted the number of snowflakes you've made? Many have doodads, which will 'date' them as '2012' and the beginning of the doodad craze, thanks to your 'challenge' and generosity in sharing your stash!

  10. So sorry to hear about your lil black car...I know that feeling all to well. Glad everyone is okay.

  11. Oh no! Glad you are all right!
    Fox : 0

  12. Glad you are OK, Diane - and you get your car back soon.

    Keep tatting your pretty snowflakes - before the real snowflakes start to fly :)

  13. Oh, I'm glad you're ok. I hate car wrecks, they are so inconventient no matter whose fault it is. I hope you have your car back now and you are cheered up.

    I'm liking all your snowflakes too.

  14. What a nice friend you have.

    I'm sorry to hear about your car, but glad everyone is okay.

  15. It’s good to hear that no one got hurt in the accident! By the way what happened? It must be really painful for you to see your hard-earned car get involved in an accident and sustain major damage. Anyway, I’m sure it can be saved; it’s not beyond repair at all. Always stay safe and drive carefully!

    -Ronna Erb

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  17. Oh, you’ve waited for so long in order for you to have this car, so I know that you really felt bad the first time you came across an accident. Yet, you must‘ve been pleased that no one really gets hurt and your car just obtained a slight damage. So, how’s Little Black Beauty?

    Phyllis Kitzmiller

  18. What happened to your Little Black Beauty? I feel sorry that you were involved in an accident and that your car was damaged. It must’ve been so hard for you. I hope that your car is already okay now.

    -Raleigh Crowl


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