Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weekend Tatting

What do you do when you get new shuttles? I ooh and ah over them, rub them between my fingers...

turn them over and admire the loving care that went into creating them...

and then I put them to work! In case you don't recognize the craftsmanship, these lovelies are from La Cossette. From left to right... Cherry Blossoms, Kaleidoscope, and Green Fairy. I've been waiting for Green Fairy to be available again... she is a wonderful tatting companion!

I finished three Blue Ice snowflakes on Saturday...

completing the set of seven.

I thought of dropping this round one from my collection, but it appeals to me even though it doesn't really look like a snowflake.

Today I tried tatting with metallic floss. The sheen doesn't show up very well on the computer, but they are very pretty in person. One skein yielded two snowflakes. I used three strands of the floss on each shuttle. They're a little larger than the size 20 Lizbeth flakes, about 3 1/4" across.

Needless to say, floss is much more expensive than a ball of Lizbeth! I don't think I'll tat with metallic floss very often. It's time-consuming to separate the threads, and it's very hard on my fingers!


  1. I love the Kalidascope one. I hope she makes more of them....

  2. Ohhh - nice! Enjoy those beauties!

    Yes, I agree; the metallics are beautiful, but VERY hard on the fingers. Sometimes you can use them in just parts of a pattern - much easier all around...
    Fox : )

  3. Hmmm. For metallics, I wonder if some of the metallic thread from Fil-Tec would work--it could definitely be tatted in multiple strands to make it thicker.

  4. Beautiful shuttles!! :)
    And gorgeous snowflakes!!! :)

  5. I had my eye on that kaleidoscope shuttle...glad it went to a wonderful home. I just put in a "special order" for one just like it as well as a rose shuttle.

    Metallics are nice for earrings or pendants...super small things that can be finished in an hour or two. I still have a callus from a weekend when I did something with glow in the dark thread for a bit too long.


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