Saturday, October 13, 2012

Lovin' the Victorian Red!

I've really enjoyed tatting with Lizbeth Victorian Red. It's really putting me in the Christmas spirit!

These are the last three of my 7 flakes. It's kind of nice having 7 patterns... I stay on task, and I enjoy tatting with new colors.

Snowflake #3

Snowflake #2

Snowflake #1

Too keep myself organized, I put my snowflake supplies in a basket. These are all the threads I'd like to use, along with the doodads, jump rings, and ornament hooks I need for each snowflake. I treated myself to a little cleaning on Monday, and I feel much more focused now!

I had a lovely surprise in the mail yesterday. My youngest daughter's father-in-law sent me a book and two shuttles from Slovakia. I suppose I'll have to wait until Joanne and Jan come to visit so that I can get a translation. I wonder how my son-in-law will like reading to me? ;-)


  1. He is not big on translating, but I'm sure he will do it for his favorite mother-in-law! :)

  2. Your snowflakes look fabulous as always!!! :)
    And I bet that book is awesome to look through! :)

  3. Beautiful snowflakes! The red is gorgeous!


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