Thursday, October 18, 2012

One more purple flake...

I wish I could capture the purple of this snowflake with the camera. It just looks black to me on the computer screen. I've been taking my snowflakes to school for all the teachers to look at, and they love the Purple Dk and Victorian Red. Funny... the Blue Ice is still my favorite!


  1. Lovely snowflake, I made a mixed blue and white one, and I could not get use to a blue one, perhaps as we make so many white ones that different colours don't look right.

  2. So deep, and rich and very purple. I LOVE IT! Those doodads really add that extra "je ne sais quoi."

  3. I really LOVE your purple flakes - this one and the last two. Are there patterns somewhere or did you make them up as you go along? (I can do that with knitting, but it will take many more hours of tatting before I feel like I can do that with tatting.)

    Also, I haven't forgotten the doodad challenge. I had a terrific idea and tried it out but messed up. So I cut the thread off and set it down to come back to . . . only I can't remember where I set the doodads. They are not lost, just not where I can find them right now. They will turn up and I will retry my design. I know we were supposed to do this in September, but you didn't say which year . . . .


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