Sunday, October 14, 2012

Purple snow?

Yes, it's true! There is such a thing as purple snow. I learned that by researching snow with my students. In fact, if you Google purple snow, you will see that a portion of southern Russia was blanketed with purple snow in March of 2010. One of the interesting facts that my students and I learned is that snow can be a variety of colors, depending on the dust in the air. The purple snow in Russia had dust from Africa!

Maybe the snow wasn't this deep, dark purple, but purple snow does exist!


  1. I know purple is oit your favorite but this is stunning! I love it and I still love that pattern.

  2. Stunning snowflake, gorgeous colour its amazing what flies up from Africa we occasionally get sand for the Sahara.

  3. Your purple snowflake looks good (as well as the red ones and the Christmas colored ones) It's neat to know about purple snow but you don't have to justify your color choices to me. I'm easily swayed to believe in fairy tales with your pretty pictures :-)


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