Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The large bobbin shuttle quest, part two

My large bobbin shuttles from Elite Creation arrived today, and they are beautiful!

Yes, I did test drive one using size 10 Aunt Lydia thread. This shuttle has a wonderful feel, and although I prefer post shuttles, this is one bobbin shuttle I could get used to!

Martha Ess's new book arrived in the mail today. It makes me want to start some Christmas tatting!

Remember the screwdriver that came with Laszlo's shuttles? I went searching and found the Thumbprint 4 in 1 Screwdriver on eBay for $10. This one is a little different from the one Laszlo sent in that it has two sizes of screwdrivers. The horizontal line you see in the screwdriver is a smaller head screwdriver for repairing glasses... very handy!


  1. Very handsome shuttles! You're still doing research on these shuttles and also providing us with great information about shuttle makers (I can't believe all the choices we have today) And you show us new gadgets like the screwdriver gizmo!

    That looks like an excellent book from Martha Ess. So much talent out there I can't imagine putting a book together!

  2. Yes, who knew there were so many shuttle makers out there?!

  3. Very nice motif!! :)
    I am sure we will be seeing beautiful angels soon!! : )

  4. Whew! Très hoity toity tatting tools! : ))

  5. You do find the most interesting tools for your trade dear. Lovely shuttles.


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