Friday, October 23, 2015

It's been a while...

It's been a busy week... two nights of play practice, one night to recover, parent/teacher conferences... and I still managed to tat!

I'm very happy that I've finished round 16 of my Jan Stawasz Masterpiece... only two rounds to go!

Today's mail brought a new batch of hand-dyed threads from my dear friend Marilee Rockley. I LOVE her new color, Lilac Sea.

Knowing I'm so close to finishing my JS Masterpiece, I'm off to wind my shuttles!


  1. Your doily is stunning already!!! :)
    I too have that new color!! :)

  2. That is looking sensational!

  3. Exciting to be so near the finish line, no wonder you find time to tat in spite of being busy with the play and other things.

  4. I admire your perseverance, that's an absolutely terrific doily

  5. So Stunningly Beautiful!!! This is quite the labor of tatting love. I have been reviewing your posts I have missed (three different computers and not one of them brings up your blog for me). The twins are adorable. I always love the creative things you are working on...scarves, snowflakes, doilies and so much more. Creative Tatting Bliss Dear...

  6. I keep getting back to look at your progress with this doily, it is quite stunning! I do admire your perseverance and patience, but it does pay off. You can be really proud of this master piece!


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