Saturday, October 24, 2015

Starting round 17

I can tell that round 17 of my Jan Stawasz Masterpiece is going to take a while. I'm giving myself two weeks to tat it. I hope that's not too lofty a goal!

I spent the morning weaving. I needed to give my wrist a rest, and I've been itching to start another scarf!


  1. I think this round is beautiful, I feel he saved the best for last and it does seem to look like it will be a while to finish! I must get back to mine!
    Love your weaving and colors look really good too!

  2. I love the design on this round, also - but do you really mean Round 17? I don't have the pattern, but your previous post with the doily beautifully laid out said that you finished round 16! I'm always amazed that you have so many activities and yet you still have the energy left over to tat (especially all those repeats!) or to weave!

    1. Thanks for catching my mistake, Kathy! I feel better knowing that I'm on round 17 rather than 16! ;-)

  3. That looks a large pattern on an already large monster mat, two weeks you have set yourself a huge goal.
    Another beautiful scarf I see in progress

  4. Great start on the next round and on the scarf!! :)

  5. Oh this is so pretty! I miss tatting too! <3


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