Monday, October 26, 2015

Slowly, slowly, slowly

Tonight was the first night for the middle school kids to practice in their costumes for their November  6, 7, 8 performance of Bugsy Malone. There was so much excitement! I was on hand with my safety pins to help with costume adjustments. One costume will need a few stitches to hold everything in place, so I will show up with needle and thread tomorrow night. Otherwise, it looks like it's all good to go!

I didn't do much tatting this weekend. I wanted to give my wrist a rest.

At least I've managed seven pattern repeats so far!

Despite my determination to stop collecting shuttles, the addiction continues! I found these really cool shuttles on Facebook. Australian jeweler Greg Mann makes them out of knife blades. I haven't tested it out yet, but it looks like it will hold a ton of thread!

This weekend I finished knitting my pink scarf, Ruddock from Sequence Knitting. I love the way it turned out!

I also finished weaving the beige and pink scarf that was on my loom. It's very light weight. I wish I had made it just a little longer, but it's still a nice length.

I'm too tired to tat any more tonight, but tomorrow is another day!


  1. Your doing so well with all your projects! love the pink scarf :)

  2. Sounds like you are trying to fit too much in, the pink scarf is lovely and the woven one is equally lovely.
    You are doing so well with all your projects

  3. Your doily is still coming along wonderfully!!! :)
    Interesting shuttle! :)
    Love the pink scarf!! :) And the woven scarf is very nice too!! :)

  4. Another shuttle is why "they" call it addiction. I call it having the right tools to do the job properly! Lovely hand woven scarf and hand knitted scarf. Your skills are amazing. Tatting is definitely your forte also for this table topper is magnificent. I do hope your wrist feels better with a little rest. Creative Bliss Dear...Costume Adjuster for the Play!


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