Monday, June 6, 2016

Cleaning day

Daughter Joanne said she was going to help me clean during her visit, so today we got started. Under Joanne's direction, we moved everything out of the living room, cleaned the floor, and then cleaned each piece of furniture before putting it back in place. We were finished in about three hours, and that was with taking care of babies and a three-year-old. It's been a while since my living room was this clean! Thank you, Joanne!

After a brief afternoon nap, I decided to finish the first arm of my newest Spinning Wheel. I hope to get more tatting time tomorrow.

Early this morning, after Dave left for work and before Joanne and the kids were up, I started my next Mermaid Tail Afghan. My friend Jill chose these colors, and I think they look terrific!

I gave Sophia some sewing cards today. She played with them for a few minutes, and then moved on to something else... not unusual for a three-year-old!

After their afternoon nap, the babies spent a little time in the grass. Jan was okay with it, but Karolina was not thrilled. We'll try again tomorrow.


  1. Delicious colour, your new spinningwheel. Wonderful to have the family there!

  2. Jan seems to be on the move constantly :-D And quite a pro (cute tushy) at photo-bombing !!!

  3. Wow!!! You have done tons of stuff!!! Great starts to your two projects!!! :)
    Such adorable little ones!!! :)
    When our girls were little they were not thrilled with grass either, but we would lightly brush our hand over the grass and giggle saying "it tickles" and then do the same with their hands and they loved it! :)

  4. The babies and little girl sewing are so cute! How nice to have help with cleaning!

  5. It's nice to get some spring cleaning done, Another lovely spinning wheel in the making, do you think you hav can other sewing person in the family, and cute babies looking at the grass.

  6. Always a precious time spending it with grandkiddies. Wish my DD was nearby to help with some cleaning........

  7. If Joanne would like to help me clean my house, she's welcome to come over :-) Great start to the mermaid tail afghan. Good luck getting it done in time. Awe, the chance to have the grandkids over - enjoy!


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