Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Campfire Spinning Wheel

I spent quite a bit of time tatting today, so I was able to finish my Spinning Wheel glass mat. I do love this thread! It's size 20 Campfire hand-dyed thread from Yarnplayer.

I hope I have enough of this beautiful color left to finish Robin Perfetti's Rosette Coaster (Variation) from her new book, Tatted Coasters. So far, I'm loving this pattern!


  1. I love her thread and had to reorder my personal favorite call "parakeet" I love her choices of colors and congrats on completion of another spinning wheel. One day will have to go through you blogs and count them all up :)

  2. That glass mat is so pretty!!! :)
    That start of the coaster is awful pretty!!! :)


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