Thursday, June 23, 2016

In the nick of time

I can't believe that I haven't posted since Monday. Oh, wait... yes I can! Joanne and I had to take down our yard sale display and box everything up for charity. Pick-up will be Monday. I will feel so relieved when all my "treasures" are on their way to new beginnings.

We also have been working in every spare moment to finish the third of the mermaid tail afghans. A little before 9 last night, our mission was accomplished!

I finished the large and small afghans by myself, but I knew I'd never finish the medium one without Joanne's help. She's a faster crocheter than I am, and her wrists are younger! Joanne crocheted the body of the afghan. I crocheted the tail, wove in all the ends, and attached the tail. I have one more mermaid tail afghan to finish for a friend's granddaughter, and then I think I will be finished with mermaid tails forever!

We will be making a quick trip to Hobby Lobby today so that Joanne can make a mermaid tail afghan for Sophia. We also need to pick up tissue paper so that we can help Carol finish up raffle baskets. It's hard to believe that the play is this weekend! My job will be to coordinate all activities on the main floor: donations, concessions, raffles, auctions, souvenirs, and whatever else may happen. I hope I'm up to the task! ;-)


  1. That is so cool!!!! :)
    Love the cutie in your arms too!! :)

  2. You are always up to the task! And you do whatever it is VERY well! : ))

  3. Such a lovely photo! I'm glad you reached your mermaid tail goal. Good luck for the play, I'm sure everything will go smoothly.

  4. That is one of the Cutest photos !!!! Good luck for play & auction :-)

  5. Love the mermaid tail afghan. Best wishes for the success of the play and fundraiser.

  6. You look so fabulous in your Mermaid afghan dear.


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