Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Oops! I skipped a day!

I guess I've been having too much fun with Joanne and the kids. I didn't even think about blogging last night.

Today the elementary teachers got together for lunch to celebrate Robyn's and my retirement. Our talented friend Edna made another cake for us. How clever of her to incorporate mermaid theme!

Joanne dressed Karolina in this onesie that was a present from my friend Denise. Isn't the teddy bear adorable? The baby's pretty cute too! ;-)

We had quite a bit of broccoli in our garden, so I spent some time freezing it after supper. Yes, we had fresh broccoli for supper. After all that work (it really wasn't much work), I treated myself to some tatting time. I'd better step it up if I'm going to finish this Spinning Wheel by Friday!

Again, I spent the early morning hours working on the Mermaid Tail Afghan. Much more concentration will be need if this is to be finished in two weeks, leaving me with less tatting time. Oh, well! I guess sacrifices must be made for the Drama Club!


  1. Such a little cutie wearing the onsie with bear. How fun to have a mermaid cake and lunch to celebrate. I love the colors of the crocheted mermaid tail. You will get it all done and if not enjoy your time doing what you love.

  2. Mermaids galore! Love that tatted teddy bear, and I like seeing Karolina wearing tatting at such a young age! Good luck with meeting your deadlines.

  3. Great cake!! :)
    What a sweet little one!!! :)
    Spinning wheel is looking fabulous!!! :)
    Love the mermaid tail!!! :)

  4. Yummy looking cake and cutely decorated. there is no stopping you on projects is there! I bet you can make those spinning wheels with your eyes closed :)

  5. What a lovely model in her tatted teddy bear onesie. Sounds like you have indeed been busy. We all understand shifting priorities. While we would like to spend most of our time tatting, most of us can't and some weeks are worse than others. We are also enjoying following your efforts for the Drama Club, so continue to keep us posted.


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